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2018 – bring it on!

So I’ve decided to take a positive
approach to reflect on all things 2017 and
look forward to 2018…just because…why

Every week or so, I show a couple of
motivational videos to my kids in hopes
they will get inspired, or at least get a
smile on their faces.

Of course, there are times, here and
there, with the crabby, ’tween moments
like chore time,
homework time and bed
time, when I remind the
kids about the “words
of wisdom” expressed
in these videos.

For the most part,
the ‘words’ have made
a pretty good
impression on them.

One of the great benefits of being an
American is the promise of tomorrow.
We have so many opportunities to challenge
ourselves and become a better person;
whether it’s at home, at work, or in the

Matthew McConaughey, one of my
favorite actors, made a very thoughtprovoking
speech while accepting an
award at the 2014 Oscar Awards. He
mentioned that one of the things that he
needs every day is someone to chase (his
hero), which is the person he is going to
be in 10 years). McConaughey added, “it
keeps me with somebody to keep on
chasing.” Inspiring.

Something I try to instill into my kids
on a daily basis is leadership. From time
to time, I use real life situations to make
an example of how they should be a leader,
not a follower.

Denzel Washington, another great
actor, used words to inspire leadership
during his commencement speech at
Dillard University. He said, “Claim it, work
hard to get it. When you get it, reach back,
pull someone else up. Don’t just aspire
to make a living, aspire to make a
difference.” Powerful.

Of course, my biggest personal goal
for this year is to lose some weight and
keep it off. Better said than done I know.
Luckily, the holiday season has ended,
which means the carby and sugary
temptations have also ended.

So, what inspired you about 2017?
What are you excited about 2018?
Whatever your goals, dreams, or plans
are, I hope these words of inspiration will
brighten your heart and give you hope
for the new year!

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