Let your love light shine: Do something nice.

Let your love light shine: Do something nice.

You may not know or believe this, but I am kinda shy and this tends to lead folks to the conclusion that I’m emotionally shallow. I keep things close to the vest and, as such, can seem distant and not nice. That said, well, I remember what is probably the only “nice” thing I have […]

Despite what you think, be grateful

We all like being told what to do as much as we react positively to being called names like sexist, racist, bigot, homophobic and xenophobic. So, in the spirit of the Spirit of The Universe, I will take a collective, meditative, long, deep, breath, and tell all of you to take a damn chill pill! […]

Just when you thought you were being funny . . .

I am always amazed by readers. You guys and gals are what makes the world go ‘round and round. And, sometimes the world spins so fast, my head swims. I find interesting what will get your attention and what does not. I could write about a very serious issue, calling on all readers to take […]

Breaking News: Road woes

This is in Waterford, but still close enough to share for our road warriors: Consumers Energy has closed the eastbound outer lane of Walton Blvd. between Clintonville and Silver Lake roads in Waterford Township for concrete repairs that are the result of an earlier gas main break.    An eastbound lane will remain open to traffic in […]

Women, see what happens when we’re left alone

Hygiene. It is an important part of living well in society. There are the basics like, you know, brush your teeth, comb your hair, wash your face, bathe and then there’s the not-so basic, like keeping your finger and toenails, neat and trim. And, while you ladies may not get this, awesome, toot-sweet cleanliness and […]

Judge rules for city in FOIA case

BY PHIL CUSTODIO Clarkston News Editor The Hon. Leo Bowman, Oakland County Circuit Court, ruled in favor of the City of the Village of Clarkston in a Freedom of Information lawsuit filed by city resident Susan Bisio. In the Oct. 19 ruling, the judge said records requested by Bisio were not public. “The contested records are not […]

Kids these days are growing up Sir Gravesless

The 2016 presidential election candidates are terrifying, and while I know Halloween is less than two weeks away, I try to imagine growing up in such scary world without scary movies. And, not just slash ‘em, gash ‘em bloodfests, but good, old-fashioned, cheesy grade B, monster-type movies on TV, hosted by a trusted monsterologist to […]

Reading your local paper is ‘Way to Know’ your community

  By Layne Bruce Several years ago cyberspace was frenzied over many popular websites going dark for 24 hours to protest a federal bill meant to crack down on video piracy. The Stop Online Piracy Act – or SOPA – was a controversial and perhaps misguided effort championed by the Motion Pictu re Association of […]