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Dan Fife shares with the campers it only gets harder every level they go up,  “nobody wants to lose,” he said. Photo by Wendi Reardon Price
Dan Fife shares with the campers it only gets harder every level they go up, “nobody wants to lose,” he said. Photo by Wendi Reardon Price

Clarkston News Sports Writer
State champions took to the court to help young players working on their skills during Fife Basketball Camp and Fife Fundamentals Basketball Camp the last two weeks.
Dan Fife, longtime head coach Clarkston Boys Basketball, shared what it means to the campers to learn from varsity players especially after winning the state championship this past March with a 75-69 win over Grand Rapids Christian.
“A lot of these kids are identifying with Foster Loyer, CJ Robinson, Tieler Houston and all of the players,” Fife said. “They watched them on TV or watched them at the state finals. It helps they want to grow up to be those kids. They idolize them.”
He added when he was growing up he always wanted to be like the high school players.
Fife said it’s one of the reasons he has the varsity players lead the young players during the winter McGrath Basketball League.
“They see them Friday night and then see them the next morning,” he shared. “To see them, identify with them and think they can make it. The kids see them as hometown heroes. They can go to college – Foster is going to Michigan State University.”
Winning the state championship also boosted the campers, Fife added.
“They have a dream,” he said. “They want to be on TV.”
The varsity players helped campers going into 7-9 grades this fall during Fife Basketball Camp last week.
Fife shared it was a good week.
“Good kids and hardworking,” he said, adding they also played through the July heat. “As they get older they can tell their kids ‘I played in a gym that was 98 degrees – on a good day.’”
As the players helped the campers improve their skills and techniques for a successful outcome, Fife helped as well through his words of wisdom.
Advice wasn’t just pertained for athletics but also for life. He told them to always do the right thing, do the best they can in the classroom, don’t let emotions control the game, and to listen especially to their parents.
Fife also held Fife Fundamentals Basketball Camp for boys entering grades 4-6 and for boys going into grades Kindergarten through third grades participated in Mini Ballers Basketball Camp, held by Tim Wasilk.
All camps were offered through Clarkston Community Education and Independence Township Parks, Recreation and Seniors. For more information or to find other camps and activities, please visit


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