SPIRITUAL MATTERS: Let Mom show way to harmony

George BernardShaw is credited with saying, “The United States and Great Britain are two countries separated by a common language.” They speak English, we speak American; we use the same words either pronouncing them differently or giving them different meanings. For example, they drop the ‘c’ in schedule and emphasize the second syllable and drop […]

Lecture series lets learning continue

For Don and Margie Arsen of Independence Township, the speakers at Oakland Town Hall continue their education. “The speakers are stimulating. They come in and tell very interesting stories,” Margie said. “I like the food,” Don said. Memorable speakers over the years include a generational expert and a television news reporter. “It was nice to […]

Toys of history

BY JESSICA STEELEY Clarkston News Staff Writer Robert (Bob) L. Jones passed away in 2004, but his toys continue to provide fun for kids. The handmade creations were given to the Clarkston Early Childhood Center by his longtime neighbors and friends Dr. Tom Stone and his wife, Arlene. “We had gotten [toys] over the years […]

Maker Girls build future

Clarkston High School was closed last Saturday, but it didn’t stop hundreds of girls from filling the cafeteria to continue their learning during the weekend. Smiles filled inside and outside the school as girls in Kindergarten through seventh grade experienced activities in engineering, math and science at the third annual Maker Girl Mania, April 22. […]

Final way to go green at Preserve

BY PHIL CUSTODIO Clarkston News Editor With spring sprung and Earth Day this past weekend, people are looking for ways to go green. All Saints Cemetery offers the ultimate green alternative – all natural burial in The Preserve, 44001 Nelsey Road. Response has been very positive since they started offering green burials 10 years ago, […]

PHIL IN THE BLANK: The past can hurt

Phil in the Blank columns through the past few years have well documents my efforts to be healthier, lose weight, run faster and farther, etc. One thing I’ve learned throughout the whole experience is the futility of looking backwards. Worrying about overindulging for the holidays doesn’t help anything, and since eating is a coping mechanism, […]

Building autism awareness on wheels

BY PHIL CUSTODIO Clarkston News Editor Kathleen Weger of Independence Township is raising awareness of autism with a colorful car she painted herself. She painted puzzle pieces, a symbol of autism, on her auto in honor of her son, Joseph Adam Weger, for the National Autism Awareness Month of April. Folks are invited to paint […]

Bowman’s classic car show

Bowman’s classic car show

Bob Johnson won the top prize at the car show with his 1955 Chevy Bel Air Hard Top. Photo by Phil Custodio Classic cars filled Bowman Chevrolet’s front lot during its annual classic car show and Easter Seals Michigan raffle, April 22. Hosted by Red Wing Justin Abdelkader, the event raised money for Easter Seals […]

SPIRITUAL MATTERS: Once fearful, now bold in faith

Easter is a wonderful day to remember and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Less than two weeks ago, millions of His followers gathered across the globe to declare that “Christ is risen, He’s risen indeed.” Two thousand years have passed since the resurrection and Christians are still celebrating the same thing. If you think […]