Ask me any five questions, I dare you.

  I was coddiwompling around the old social media thingamabob this past weekend for just a few minutes, and one of my 642 “friends” (most whom I have never met) shared a post from like seven years ago — wait! — can Facebook really be that old? No, it wasn’t some snarky, punk message superimposed […]

Presidential conventions show ‘we’ mean little

Oh, be still my beating, black-as-the-Ace-of-Spades heart. We “lucky” to be alive now Americans are in the midst of yet another presidential election, and ain’t it fun? These two weeks, every four years, are the most entertaining (and infuriating) 14 days of the political cycle. This year’s spectical has exposed how broken and corrupt our […]

Oh Pikachu, say it ain’t so.

Dangblabitall! You know, I was really feeling kinda groovy and thought I had pretty much escaped with my dignity intact. A few years back, oh about the time my boys became teenagers and girls started occupying more of their thoughts than little Japanese monsters with funny names, I figuratively wiped the sweat from my brow, […]

Holy inside the Beltway, Batman!

Yeah, yeah. I know. It’s old news. Political elites violate tons of rules and with nary a slap on their pocket-picking hands for repercussions. Queen of the Damned Hillary Clinton, those pesky, and mean honky Republicans and of course James Comey, Director of the ever-lovin’ Federal Bureau of Investigations. After Comey completed his July 4 […]

Keiser’s Role: #Brexit

A couple weeks ago my Facebook feed was lighting up with the “#Brexit” and a lot of my friends were talking about the vote which took place on June 23, 2016. I’ll admit I had no idea what they were talking about and why this event was so important. For those not in the know, […]

Peanut Gallery (that would be you) to the rescue!

So, Monday night I was lulled to sleep by the soundtrack, dialogue and carnage that is that cinematic masterpiece Killer Klowns From Outer Space, and somewhere between evil Klown snickering and screams, just before my brain turned off, I thought, “Rats. I didn’t write that column . . .” * * * Good morning, happy […]

So, a snake fell on your feet and . . .

I know, I know. Many, dare I say most, of you think of me as this manly mans man kinda guy. If I had another name it might be Guy Man. Alas, I don’t have another name. I am just plain old, ever-lovin’ and affable Don Rush. Hate to break it to you, but I […]

Keiser’s Role: Return to love

In light of the recent shooting attack in Orlando, I was reminded of the first real event in my life where I saw the world as “dark” and mankind losing their “moral compass.” I was 15 years-old and in the eighth grade when I heard that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold walked into Columbine High […]

Dad to me: ‘Always keep your head up.’

The other day I was walking in a local parking lot and I saw a dirty old, patina’ed penny. It was dinged up pretty good, so I reckon it had been run over a few times. Despite the fact President Lincoln’s face was turned down, I bent over and picked it up and slid it […]