Well then, a reader has spoken as Americans do

These are some exceedingly exciting times we are living in! This past weekend, whilst meandering through one of the area’s state parks, my son Sean, 16, and I were discussing that very issue. Said he during our walking adventure, and with not a little bit of sarcasm, “I am so thrilled to be living in […]

PHIL IN THE BLANK: Man of the people

This town took a punch to the gut with the loss of Bart Clark on Sept. 5. I was reluctant to believe it, when I heard about it that morning. Surely it was someone else, it’s not that uncommon a name, I thought. He was very involved in Clarkston Rotary Club and the Rotarians shared […]

Keiser’s Role: ‘Clark Kent’ retires

“Making a big change in life is pretty scary. But know what’s even more scarier?…Regret.” – Zig Ziglar In May 2007 I walked through The Clarkston News door as a fresh out of college as a cub reporter. This Friday (Sept. 9) I will walk out the same door as a seasoned reporter setting off […]

What in tarnation is going on in the classroom?

Since Mr. Don Rush did nothing this past weekend that resembled labor (aside from keeping camp fires blazing) and since this is the first week of school for many of you, he thought he would harken back to those thrilling days of yesteryear when Number One Son (Shamus) first started attending public schools. This “gem” […]

Keiser’s Role: What is the truth?

Well, now that the Aug. 2 election is over I am ready for November to come so we can get that election over as well. Not that I am anxious to necessarily vote, but I am ready for the presidential candidates to be the main topic of every conversation. It wouldn ‘t be bad if […]

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