Wendi’s Word: Hopes for happy retirements

Within the last month, we have seen a few Clarkston legends retire as Voice of the Wolves Dale Ryan and long-time head coach for Clarkston Boys Varsity Basketball Dan Fife stepped down for more time with family, especially the grandkids. Both will truly be missed. Listening to Ryan at home football and basketball games was […]

Wendi’s Word: Barbies find new home

For many, the school bell ringing marked the end of summer, not only in Clarkston but the district I live in. As my son hasn’t turned 3-years-old and isn’t in preschool yet, to me the end of summer isn’t marked by the beginning of school. The beginning of fall sports marks where summer ends as […]

Wendi’s Word: Cleaning up the past

The purge of 2018 continues. Slowly, as everything is in the garage and those hot days slow down the pace, but it continues. I did make it through the box marked “things valuable to me” by a younger me, years ago. It did have Strawberry Shortcake figures. It also had an incomplete wooden set for […]

Wendi’s Word: Time to purge

Nothing ages you more than receiving the notification on social media for an upcoming event for your high school reunion. It’s the big two decades for my class. Right now, my past is very much alive in our garage after visiting the storage unit. At least a mix of cardboard boxes and plastic containers are […]

Wendi’s Word: Hello spring!

The brisk cold is finally gone and people have emerged from their houses with a tinge of cabin fever. It’s nice to finally say to our 2-year-old son as he gazes out the window, “go get your shoes and we will go outside.” It’s even nicer when he goes to get them before you even […]

Wendi’s Word: Vacation station

It’s in the books – we have embarked on the first family vacation as we headed west to California, the first week of April. I have never gone anywhere on spring break, not even during high school or college years. I spent the time getting extra hours in at work to earn money. Times have […]

Wendi’s Word: Team deserves win

A huge congratulations to Dan Fife, his coaching staff and the Clarkston Boys Varsity Basketball for winning another state championship and making it back-to-back. I will admit I didn’t feel well Saturday morning, really it felt like my stomach churning. I boil it down to I was nervous for the boys because it only increased […]

Wendi’s Word: Staying strong without coffee

I have finished seven weeks going coffee free. I will admit some days have been easier than others. I did want a cup of the delicious liquid last week before going into a game. I was tired and needed the boost. Alas, it was after 5 p.m. and since I had been without for so […]

Wendi’s Word: Stay to the right

With my 2-year-old vocalizing to get out of the meat department in the grocery store, I turned the cart to the right. I understood. He needed to move and see something different. I could have gone to the left, going into the produce but here I was in the bakery section teasing my son and […]

Wendi’s Word: Perils of parenting

Thud. Five seconds of silence. Slam. Another five seconds of silence. Then, rattling of metal against metal as our 2-year-old son shakes the baby gate and speaks his native toddler tongue. It was time, wasn’t it for the escape from the crib to officially begin. He had escaped many months ago, but I don’t think […]

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