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Antoine Gilder, Sr. and Antoine Gilder, Jr. Photo provided
Antoine Gilder, Sr. and Antoine Gilder, Jr. Photo provided

Clarkston News Sports Writer
Antoine Gilder, Jr. is playing in his first Football for a Cure at Clarkston High School next Friday.
It’s a special game for the Bloomfield Hills Blackhawk and his family as he plays for his dad, Antoine Gilder, Sr., who is going through his second round of chemotherapy after being diagnosed with lymphoblastic lymphoma, stage three.
“Now that my dad has been diagnosed with cancer it means a little bit more,” Antoine said.
It’s only been a little over a month since his dad was diagnosed after noticing he was short of breath. His wife, Candace, encouraged him to go to the emergency room. He had a collapsed lung, a pleural effusion and the cancer was discovered, July 21.
“It’s just been a blur,” Candace shared. “You are running on whatever it is today. It’s been hard having to run from home to the hospital especially now I am picking back up school and football. It’s hard to get to different places and make appointments for his chemo and treatments.”
Candace discovered Clarkston was hosting the Blackhawks for Football for a Cure when she walked into McLaren Karmanos Center Institute in Bloomfield Hills and noticed the T-shirts for the event.
“We have been so busy, I didn’t even know about the Sept. 8 game,” she admitted. “I walked into the office and was like ‘wait a minute.’ “
Antoine, Jr. is excited to play for his dad because he loves football and used to play for Pontiac Northern and would enjoy the games against Clarkston. He also coached Antoine, Jr. and they would practice some plays.
“They argue about plays sometimes. It’s funny to hear them or hear ‘do it over, do it over,'” Candace smiled.
“It’s nice to share that same love for the sport and have a cause at the same time,” Antoine, Jr. said.
“When playing for a cause he is always supportive and focused on who he was playing for,” Candace shared.
Antoine, Jr., his teammates and the Clarkston Wolves invite the community to come out for Football for a Cure on Sept. 8.
“It would be nice for both communities to come together for this one time because it is a bigger cause,” Antoine, Jr. said. “It’s bigger than just football.”
Proceeds benefit Karmanos Cancer Institute Clarkston and Bloomfield offices to assist patients with non-medical expenses.
For more information or to volunteer for the event, please email ClarkstonFootballfora or call 248-922-6606.
Kick off is 7 p.m.

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