CLARKSTON KIDS WRITING: Fan of local sports, food

By Chloe Trotter

Clarkston is special to me because…
Have you ever wondered how much you can do in Clarkston? Well I have! There is a LOT of fun stuff to do, but here are three.
First, there are a lot of sports to play and watch in Clarkston; second, there are excellent restaurants in Clarkston; and third, there is a lot of nature in Clarkston.
Firstly, there are a lot of sports to play and watch in Clarkston. There are so many sports in Clarkston I’ve begun to lose count, like football, lacrosse, soccer, basketball, baseball, track, swimming, etc.
Some of the sports I play, like soccer, have taught me about friendships and teamwork. Even if you’re watching a game, you can still learn teamwork by watching the others play and it gives you a feeling of community by wanting the same goal.
Also, Clarkston Schools are really good at sports. For example, the Clarkston Basketball team are back-to-back state champions, as well as the Football team. Sports brings people together.
Secondly, I LOVE the restaurants in Clarkston! Whatever your taste, Clarkston has it. Let’s say you don’t like grilled food but you like Mexican food, then you could go to Honcho’s. Do you know what would be awesome? Going into an igloo at Honcho’s. I have always wondered what it would be like in one. Is it hot? Is it cold? How do you get in?
Did you know, The Fed is a 100-year-old bank? You can also sit and eat in a safe at The Fed! Not only does Clarkston have style but it has history!
If you’ve ever eaten at The Woodshop you’d know that the spare ribs are to die for! Just thinking about them makes me hungry! The Mac and Cheese at The Union is amazing! It has won lots of awards.
Lastly, Clarkston has a lot of nature in parks and everywhere.
Independence Oaks park has a lot of nature because they have trails you can go on all around the park. As you go around the trails, you can stop at a playground or Crooked Lake. You could also visit the nature center. Did you know the nature center has a wigwam in it?
Depot Park has a playground right by the river you can play in. Depot Park’s playground has a merry-go-round that makes me so dizzy! When someone pushes me on the tire swing, I also get dizzy! The beautiful nature and exciting playground rides always make me want to come back!
In conclusion, Clarkston is special because it’s a beautiful and friendly place offering so much! Clarkston has sports to play and watch, delicious restaurants for every taste, and Clarkston has a lot of nature and fun playgrounds that makes people want to come back! That is why Clarkston is special to my friends, my family, and me!
Clarkston Junior High students Evelyn Dice and Brooke Larkin organized their second-annual Clarkston Kids Writing Contest at Pine Knob Elementary. One of their prizes was publication in The Clarkston News.

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  1. Annette trotter   May 17, 2018 at 3:54 pm

    You could say I am a little biased. Chloe is my granddaughter and we are so proud of her. We will see her very soon when she comes to England in June.

  2. Steve   May 17, 2018 at 3:59 pm

    Wonderful writing!!!!


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