Condo project would impact golf course

Clarkston News Staff Writer
Neighbors called “fore” on a new residential condomimium development on Pine Knob Golf Course, and township officials stepped in with a special meeting, Jan. 30.
“There had been a lot of misunderstanding of what the owner of Pine Knob had been working on for the past couple of years,” said Independence Township Supervisor Pat Kittle at the meeting. “So, I’d asked him to call a meeting together where he could explain it to his residents.”
The owner of Pine Knob Golf Course properties, Nino Katabuchi, said the proposal involves a portion of the existing nine-hole Hawk golf course.
Some residents were concerned with increased traffic, the cost of a new entrance required for the development, and its effect on property value.
The next steps for Katabuchi is to ask the township if they’re willing to remove or reduce scenic easements currently on the nine-hole course, Kittle said.
He would then take his concept to the planning commission for realignment and alterations.
“Before the Township Board acts, we wanted to make sure the residents who did buy along the golf course are protected and that any impact there is minimal,” Kittle said. “There’s a lot of moving pieces here that have to happen before that comes to the board.”
If the residential development is built, the course would go from nine to three holes, with holes one, nine and eight continuing to be maintained.
No actions or decisions were taken nor made during this meeting, it was intended for information purposes and public comment.

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