Exercise and learning during school ACES Day

Exercise and learning during school ACES Day

Clarkston News Staff Writer

Jordan Lessard doing the bridge exercise
Jordan Lessard does the bridge exercise. Top Photo: Jake Campbell and Zach Scherler passing a hoop. Photos by Jessica Steeley

Kids jumped, ran and danced throughout Clarkston elementary schools as they celebrated ACES Day, May 10.
“ACES Day stands for All Children Exercise Simultaneously and I know it’s a big thing in Michigan,” North Sashabaw Elementary Physical Education Teacher Michael Keeler said.
The intent is to get the students outside, having fun while exercising and also to get the staff involved, Keeler said.
“We talk for a few days ahead of time about why we exercise, the benefits of it and just show that we really value it, get everyone out there all together.”
ACES Day was started in 1989 by a physical education teacher and is celebrated internationally. North Sashabaw Elementary celebrated with an exercise Keeler calls “Trash Can Warm-Up.”
Every class had a laundry basket of crumpled paper and students would take turns running to grab a piece, then the whole class would do the exercise written on the paper.
“With this being my first year here, I wanted to do more than just getting out and walking,” Keeler said. “I use it as a warm-up on certain days in the gym and I just adapted for the whole school.”

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