More funds budgeted for well relief

Clarkston News Staff Writer
Residents living close to contaminated wells can more easily tap into township water this year.
Independence Township installed a water main down Maple Drive last year so nine residences with contaminated well water could connect to the township system.
These residences qualified for a state funded connection, while 17 others did not.
However, the contractor still pre-tapped all residences so in the future, if they wish to connect to the township water, the process will be faster with minimal disruption.
Six residents who didn’t have contaminated wells, but are close to the contamination plume, have already opted to switch to township water.
These pre-taps, which weren’t state funded, cost $29,395. They were not originally budgeted nor brought before the board due to limited knowledge of who would immediately connect to the main.
The board unanimously passed the budget adjustment and Department of Public Works (DPW) Director David McKee said the money will be regained as homeowners with non-contaminated wells eventually connect to the township water supply with the normal DPW capital connection fee process.
McKee also recommended the board adopt a resolution and approve budget amendment for the North Oakland County Household Hazardous Waste Program. He said of the 14 communities involved in the program, Independence Township was the third most active in 2016, and he projects even more residents to join the 2017 program.
Since the estimated program cost is $21,000, as opposed to the budgeted $15,000, the board unanimously approved the increased budget amendment and the resolution.
“I think this is money well spent and I think the residents are proactive in utilizing this program,” Trustee Ron Ritchie said. “I’m very glad and proud that our residents utilize this program and we do dispose of it properly.”

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