THE HEALTHY CHILD: It’s not worth it, beat the holiday bloat

November is upon us. It’s time to overindulge, spend a little more than we should, and eat more than our pants can handle. While merry and bright, the holidays can be hard on both our wallets and our bellies.
My husband will be the first to tell you I don’t have any inspiring words for the excessive spending. I do, however, have a strong message for overindulging on those holiday meals and treats: It’s not worth it.
We’re all guilty of it, and we regret it the minute January rolls around and we have to work so hard to get that weight off before Spring Break. While it’s easy to put on, it’s harder to lose and the extra weight is the least of our worries—the bloat, gas, and digestive discomfort are the body’s way of waving the white flag in surrender.
It’s just not worth it. The candies, pies, cakes, cookies, fudge, stuffing, and cheesy potatoes are not worth the muffin top over your favorite pair of pants. It’s not worth it when you stand in front of your closet and have nothing to wear. It’s not worth the sugar crash, moodiness, brain fog, and fatigue.
Although fun, holiday parties can be overwhelming when trying to watch what you eat. You might feel helpless to make healthy decisions, but you are not. At Nuview Nutrition, I’ve learned how to navigate my way through the holidays and you can, too. Follow these helpful tips and you won’t feel like you’re missing out, especially when you leave feeling so good.
Don’t skip a healthy breakfast or you’ll binge later. Even better, have a healthy snack right before you go. It’s harder to make good decisions when you’re ravenous. For an appetizer, nibble on veggies. If you’re unsure veggies are on the menu, simple: bring some! After a few bites, step away from the food table and go mingle. Busy your mouth with chatter!
When dinner is served, leave room to see your plate. Avoid starchy foods like rolls, stuffing, and pastas. Pick one, or fill your plate with extra veggies. For potatoes, bring mashed cauliflower instead! For dessert, fruit always gives me that sweet satisfaction. However, if you insist, choose one sliver of your favorite pie. There’s more pie in your future—you don’t need every kind of pie in one night just because it’s there. Take a bite, savor it…take your time.
Food isn’t the only culprit when it comes to holiday weight gain. Alcohol also plays a nasty part in those extra pounds. If you must indulge in a cocktail or two during a festive party, make sure your wine is organic and alternate between a glass of wine and a sparkling water with lime. Finally, do yourself a favor and devote more time to exercise. A minimum of thirty minutes per day can alleviate that extra bloat and stress!
Remember how you felt last January. Think back to when you were exhausted and struggling to get those ten pounds off. Was the candy worth it? The second helping of stuffing, did it make you feel good? I promise: You’re stronger than food. Use this holiday season to prove it.

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