JESSICA’S JOURNAL: Tips for moving

I am unfortunately in the heavy-lifting process of moving this week. Luckily, it’s only a two-minute drive away from where I currently live, but you never really realize how much you own until you have to pack up all your belongings for transport.
The new house I’m moving to is bigger with way more storage space than my current place, so hopefully less of a hassle to find a home for everything without creating clutter.
However, in a way my stuff is also doubling, since I’m moving back in with my old college roommate of three years.
The number of cats is also doubling – good thing there’s a basement for the litter boxes.
As two people who have lived in furnished rentals ever since moving out on our own, we also get to undergo the adult adventure of furniture shopping: next stop IKEA.
Or in my roommate Aly’s case, online. Apparently sells mattresses.
With the end of August approaching, several Clarkston college-goers are likely preparing for their move into a college dorm room or an off-campus apartment.
Some tips from a current mover and recent college grad:
* If you have a chance to get free/ cheap furniture, jump on it. There’s a large hole in my life currently and it stems from not having a couch.
* Buying build-it-yourself furniture is cheaper than those pre-made pieces in Meijer aisles and Pier 1 Imports merchandise. Also, probably cheaper online, Aly used for her bedroom set.
* Get a comfortable futon. You and your friends will probably all sleep on it at some point, though not necessarily at the same time, and the experience is better when there’s not a metal bar in the middle.
*Anything used for storage is extremely useful, especially furniture that doubles as storage space. You own a lot more stuff than you think.
I wish all you first-time and returning college students out there a great school year and an easy move.
Hopefully I’m unpacked by the end of the week.

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