Kid count down 145

The first student count day of the year came up with 7,610, 145 fewer than last year.
The 2016-2017 budget accounted for a loss of 100 students. Clarkston receives $7,511 per student, so 45 students equals $337,995.
However, including Young Fives and post-high programs brings Clarkston Community Schools to a total of 8,441 students, said Deputy Superintendent Shawn Ryan.
“The district beat negative predictions overall. We are down for our internal student counts, but up as part of shared service counts and the district overall,” Ryan said in an email.
Superintendent Dr. Rod Rock said the district is still operating within a positive budget.
“We have balanced our budget for several years and increased our fund equity,” Rock said. “Our community expects us to operate in a fiscally responsible manner, and we do so.”
School Board President Steve Hyer said the board has already amended the budget this year to match the latest state funding, and they’re doing better than originally predicted.
The student count was on Feb. 8. Last year’s count tallied 7,755 students.

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