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Clarification from city council candidate

Dear Editor,
My grandfather was a minister and he taught me the lessons about false teachings and telling the whole story – not just the portion that serves your needs.
In a recent City Council meeting, current member David Marsh stated he could not support me because “I want to tear down buildings.” So, while many people may not have picked up on this or even heard it spoken, I wanted to set the record straight.
We live on E. Washington Street and one of the reason that I became interested in city politics was because our street – with no discussion with any of the residents – was turned into a parking lot basically overnight this year.
My biggest concern frankly was for the safety of my family and those on the street. When you park on both sides of the street cars really struggle to get down it and many times intersections are blocked and so are driveways.
I started to attend the Parking Committee meetings and in one of the meetings the committee was engaging with the audience. In trying to learn some of the history of what this team had looked at, I posed the question if the committee had look at acquiring additional land to help with the issue either vacant or through the removal of a non-historic site?
Since I am not an expert of every structure in the village I felt this was a fair question to ask. We also dialoged about if the city was putting any financial reserves in place should any property become available in the future.
From this, David Marsh arrived at his conclusion which I believe was not restated in a transparent way and was meant as a political self-serving comment.
My name is Scott Reynolds and I am running for City Council in the Nov. 7 election.
Scott Reynolds

Support for council incumbents to preserve city

Dear Editor,
The Nov. 7 election is fast approaching and a few facts should be brought to your attention.
The commercial district is thriving and residential properties are in great demand.
The city has indeed become a destination spot. Our financial status is stable and the parking issue is being resolved.
No new taxes are planned. We have a City Council that is balanced and conscientious. Rezoning of Residential to Village Commercial has been proposed and defeated due to the diligence of the present council members
The council members are committed to preserve and protect our heritage. Please consider a vote for incumbents Eric Haven, Jason Kneisc, and David Marsh to prohibit destructive rezoning and to continue to make Clarkston a place we are proud to call home.
Frank Schoebel, Friends of the City of the Village of Clarkston

Community help at vets’ seminar appreciated

Dear Editor,
We would like to thank the following for their help in making the recent veterans’ benefits seminar a success: American Legion Post 63, Clarkston, for hosting the event, Lauren Chamberlin of the Oakland County Veterans Administration, and Mary Beth Giannetti of Great Lakes National Cemetery for being presenters.
Your help was truly appreciated. Over 50 attendees learned about the valuable benefits available for their service to our country.
For those who were not able to attend and would like to receive a copy of the material provided at the seminar, please contact Wint Funeral Home at 248-625-5231 or email wintfuneralhome@gmail.com for a free informational packet.
Andrew Wint

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  1. Cory Johnston   October 27, 2017 at 4:52 pm

    Mr. Frank Schoebel, a member of the City’s Planning Commission and Friends of the City of the Village of Clarkston, has a letter to the editor in the Clarkston News and he wants to bring a few facts to our attention. I agree we should and offer the following:

    With regards to the commercial district thriving and residential properties in high demand, what exactly have the incumbent candidates Haven, Kneisc and Marsh done to make that happen? Haven and Marsh were both on the council when new restaurants and expansion of other businesses were allowed with no consideration of parking, traffic, pedestrian safety, and the negative impact on the adjacent residential properties. I can find no evidence of them doing anything to address these problems let alone solve them. We also have empty residential zoned property that no one has ever built on and building has been denied. Isn’t that a problem?

    “Our financial status is stable and the parking issue is being resolved.” Has Mr. Shoebel looked at the financials or parking? The city is continually spending unbudgeted funds with none of the legally required approvals. The city had to borrow money just to buy a lawn mower but in the first 4 months of the fiscal year has spent more than that amount on initially unbudgeted expenses. The city only has trucks because of a grant as they had no money to replace the old ones and are putting no money away to replace what they have now. Repairs to the Village Hall have yet to be done even when budgeted and the city spent over $60,000, most of it unbudgeted, to design an expansion to the current building even though they had no funds to build. Streets and sidewalks need work and crosswalks are dangerous. Parking issues are still not resolved. Mr. Kneisc, who is a member of the Parking Committee, rarely attended meetings and opposed their suggestions. The Planning Commission Mr. Schoebel and incumbent candidate Haven are on, has yet to address any of this or much of anything else.

    “No new taxes are planned.” That’s because the city has been at the highest tax rate allowed by the city charter almost as long as it has been a city. A vote in 2010 to raise the tax to the state maximum was defeated, the Clarkston Police were immediately eliminated due to budget problems, and all the funds saved by eliminating the police have now been spent with plenty of new expenses coming including the potential costs of the numerous law suits against the city and council actions.

    Rezoning of residential to village commercial has been defeated? Not so fast. The old Township Hall is now a private commercial office building in the middle of a residential zoned area. The new Morgan’s location is surrounded by and zoned residential although it is highly unlikely it will ever be used for that. The zoning map has not been updated since 1999 even though numerous zoning changes have been made. The city is in the Michigan Court of Appeals right now because they lost in the Circuit Court on a zoning issue. The only way anyone can make a statement like his is by ignoring the facts.

    The incumbents running for re-election; Haven, Kneisc, and Marsh, have done little or nothing for the city unless you consider doing little or nothing a benefit. New council members Detkowski, Wylie and Mayor Percival have been doing their best to get needed changes made, improve the city and deal with the problems caused by the others. The others continue to hinder that effort, approve the improper spending of taxpayer funds, and deny the obvious. Business as usual is not acceptable, legal, or proper.

    All three of the incumbent candidates, along with council member Catallo, want to keep information from the public and think secret meetings and hidden information are more important than the public’s right to know.

    We need people to address the problems and solve them, not deny they exist and hide from the public. Their record on the City Council is clear. Please vote but NOT for Haven, Kneisc and Marsh.


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