Letters to the Editor

Thanks for support

Dear Editor,

Thank you to Jalapeno’s Restaurant of Clarkston, Jorge and Laura, for hosting a restaurant fundraising night on May 16. This fabulous fundraiser was held to support our three Clarkston Schools Destination Imagination (DI) teams going to the DI Global Finals in Tennessee later this month.

Jalapeno’s graciously donated more than 20 percent of the proceeds to our DI teams. The food was delicious, as always, and the Jalapeno’s staff were so patient, friendly and accommodating to the large crowd.

On behalf of our Clarkston Schools “Clarkston Creativity Crew” DI teams, thank you once again Jalapeno’s for your support and generosity.

 Karin Hopkins

Independence Township

Google it

Dear Editor,

In response to Thomas Breneiser’s letter “Melting ice idea all wet” (May 16) and his question asking for an explanation as to “How Mother Nature can cause enough warming to melt massive glaciers, but man is primarily responsible for the melting of the polar ice cap,” I suggest he read the following short article, “What Thawed the Last Ice Age?” at www.scientificamerican.com/article/what-thawed-the-last-ice-age/. Or simply Google “What caused the glaciers of the last ice age to melt?”

Dennis Kwasny

Independence Township

Kudos to young writer

Dear Editor,

I am impressed with the Student Viewpoint column by Logan Strong (“Open Your Eyes, Open Your Arms,” May 18.

The author’s writing is clear, concise, thoughtful, and nicely referenced. Logan seems to be a very promising young person whom our community is lucky to have in our midst.

Cheryl McNeil

Independence Township

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