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President support

Dear Editor,
The past weeks letters written disparaging President Trump has left dismay and disappointment on your pages (“Sick, sinking feeling,” May 16; “Letter appreciated,” June 6).
So Americans have elected the first non politician president since George Washington who dedicates his every day to citizens instead of lobbyists. Yet some choose to wear blinders.
A short list of accomplishment might include release of North Korean prisoners, Jack Johnson’s pardon, judges appointed who apply law, expose of prejudice in media, calling out NATO filchers, tax cuts for all, veterans able to go to doctors of their choice, along with two small Michigan items, restoration of fish hatcheries and repair of the Soo locks.
Voices that proclaim these and other things are not enough, or good enough, remember there is never enough for those who will not see.
There is no perfect candidate or president, as there are no perfect people. But this president has watched the decline of adherence to basic principles by our elected representatives for decades. He is working to return government to the people, whom our Constitution has entrusted with power. What an improvement over the last several presidents!
This president is locked in battle with those who threaten our unique American liberty, both abroad and here. Support the president, he is working on behalf of all Americans, even the naysayers.
Rob Namowicz
Independence Township

Thanks for attendance

Dear Editor,
The Clarkston Cultural Arts Council thanks all those that attended and participated in the third annual Art in the Atrium on June 2 at The Gateway and Peacefest last weekend at the L.A. Café.
We very much appreciate the continued support for the arts in the Clarkston area. With everyone’s help we will continue to do our best to create and promote more art related happenings that make Clarkston an even better place to be.
Cory Johnston, vice president
Clarkston Cultural Arts Council

Pond help appreciated

Dear Editor,
The residents of the Clarkston Mill Ponds would like to thank City of the Village of Clarkston City Manager Jonathan Smith for arranging the pickup of our collected debris from the annual pond cleanup.
Frank Schoebel, riparian representative

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  1. Floyd Kopietz   October 26, 2018 at 3:17 pm

    Dear Editor,
    The most important vote you will make this election is on Prop 2 that will end Party controlled redistricting which allows State Government to be bought by wealthy families and Corporations. Extreme redistricting takes away the value of your vote.

    *They want “redistricting/Gerrymandering” to be a hidden process. Prop 2 opens up the process in open hearings.
    *They do not want restrictions on how the Districts are drawn. Prop 2 has restrictions that keep Districts from being drawn in bazar shapes designed to give the advantage to one party.
    *They want a single party to control the drawing of Districts. Prop 2 has a board made up of 4 members from each party and 5 members that are Independent.

    The anti-Prop 2 ads are trying to confuse you and are not just misleading but also filled with lies. Don’t be fooled. Thousands of UNPAID volunteers helped in getting Proposition 2 on the November Ballot. Proposition 2 is not a joke.

    Michigan is a purple state but computer algorithms have made redistricting almost an exact science making it easy for one party to control the state politics for decades at a time. This is not good for the people of Michigan because it makes it possible for a few people to dominate the politics in Michigan, taking the control away from its Citizens. That is not the definition of a Democratic Republic.
    Please vote for Prop 2 and make our politicians accountable to Michigan’s Citizens and not to special interests. For more information http://www.votersnotpoliticians.com/yeson2

    Floyd Kopietz – an Independent


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