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Reader calls for continuing city progress

Dear Editor,
Two years ago the Clarkston voters elected Sue Wylie and Rick Detkowski to the City Council, and Steve Percival as mayor; those three new votes helped start a process of change in the city government.
One year ago the voters picked Scott Reynolds to constitute a council majority to continue the “rebirth” of the Council and the city.
Despite the distraction of problems left over by the prior administrations, such as the law suits and parking problems, the new leadership has begun to move the city in more positive directions, such as a new city manager, a fiscally responsible parking plan, more transparency, and plans for improving sidewalks.
Now we have the opportunity to continue the progress by reelecting Sue Wylie and Rick Detkowski, electing Mike Cascone to fill a vacancy, to the City Council, and reelecting Steve Percival as mayor. Their opponents are all previous City Council members.
The choice is clear: do we continue with the progress initiated two years ago, or return to the old ways of doing things.
Let us continue to chose progress by voting for Sue Wylie, Rick Detkowski, Mike Cascone, and Steve Percival.
Tom Stone

Elissa Slotkin support from Judge McNally

Dear Editor,
If we are going to have an adequate response to our dangerous and unpredictable political situation, we must, as Lincoln said, appeal to our better angels.
More than a course correction is needed, it must be a complete reversal of our current trend. If we continue in our current direction, it will mean an elimination of the middle class and a complete unraveling of our political institutions.
Elissa Slotkin is the most likely to put the brakes on the current trend.
I strongly encourage you to vote for Elissa Slotkin for the Eighth Congressional District seat. If you don’t vote, you forfeit your right to complain about our political system.
Gerald E. McNally
Independence Township

2 Responses to "Letters to the Editor"

  1. Lori Skibo   October 4, 2018 at 5:37 pm

    In Response to Elissa Slotkin support from Judge McNally

    I do have a response to our dangerous and unpredictable political situation. Vote straight ticket Republican in November.

    I agree with “more than a course correction is needed and a complete reversal to our current trend”. The nomination process of Judge Kavanaugh hit an all new low. To watch the elected Democrat Senators, strategically orchestrate their desperate need of delay, with a straight face as they lied directly to the American public —knowingly and falsely accusing a man, a man more honorable than all of them collectively, of a fact-less sex crime—simply because he was nominated by the President they hate.

    Not only were these the actions of our United States Senators, most of them also are judicial legal experts; graduates from some of the most prestigious law schools in our country. Yet, were willing and eager to engage in character assassination, disregard all due process, and utter disrespect for his Constitutional Rights, our laws or the truth.

    I fear that this will set an unfair precedent where evidence is unnecessary. If this is the opinions and thoughts and mindsets of our Senators and our Judges, we should all be very afraid.

  2. Joyce Fry   October 4, 2018 at 5:59 pm

    In Response to Elissa Slotkin support from Judge McNally

    Yes, I too worry about the complete unraveling of our political institutions. It was horrifying to witness; and they tell me I should be afraid because Trump will take away our rights— as we all watched how the Democrats, abolished Judge Kavanaugh’s – right before our eyes on national television!

    Justice is not blind; and neither am I.

    This woman, wants no part of this political, left-sided circus. I will be voting for all GOP candidates and praying for the Kavanaugh family.


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