Motivation to work harder

Clarkston News Sports Writer
The Wolves held their own as they opened the winter season against Ypsilanti Arbor Prep last Thursday with a 48-45 loss.
“It gives us a good chance to work on the things now which will be important later in the season,” said Christine Rogers, head coach for Clarkston Girls Varsity Basketball. We are going to be a good team once we settle in a little bit more. Arbor Prep was a very physical, challenging team.”
“We played really tough and really hard,” said senior Kayla Luchenbach. “It was a really fast-paced and physical game. It was good to see everyone could keep up with that energy and that physicality especially the younger players. Obviously there is some stuff we need to work, but it being our first game we came out a lot stronger than some of us had hoped.”
Luchenbach and senior Maddie Beck explained it was a team effort.
“We really worked well as a team,” Beck said.
“We shared the ball well,” added Luchenbach, explaining one of this season’s goals is to share the ball more than they did last year. “Everyone had a good run of shots. Our points were spread amongst the team which was good.”
The Wolves held the lead at the beginning of the game as they were able to slow down Arbor Prep’s leading scorer in the first half.
“She was playing smarter and getting different opportunities – we weren’t able to stop her,” Rogers said about the second half. “She can hit from anywhere on the floor.”
Senior Molly Nicholson led the team with 15 points, 15 rebounds, five steals and four blocks.
“It was an incredible night. She had an amazing game,” Rogers said.
Luchenbach finished the night with 13 points, 11 rebounds and four blocks.
“She was very dependable and reliable,” Rogers added. “She had a tough defensive assignment but was still able to score 13 points.”
The players added the loss will help them as they go into the rest of the season.
“It will definitely help us knowing we can play at a high level,” said Luchenbach. “We will think back to that game and remember we came out hard the first quarter. We know we can do it.”
“They are a really good team and being able to match up with a team like that will prepare us for any other team because they were a physical team,” said Nicholson. “It helps us with the mindset also in practice knowing we have to prepare for each game.”
“A loss motivates you to work a little big harder,” Rogers added. “It’s not always a bad thing to go into the season a little hungry.”
The Wolves opened the week against Notre Dame Prep on Tuesday. They host Royal Oak on Friday and Groves on Tuesday. JV begins at 5:30 p.m., varsity follows.

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