Ninth graders awarded for academics, service

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Danielle Little, 3.96 honor roll shaking hands with CJHS principal Adam Kern
Danielle Little, 3.96 honor roll, shakes hands with CJHS principal Adam Kern. Photo by Jessica Steeley

Clarkston ninth graders were recognized for their academic achievements and perfect attendance during the ninth grade awards last month.
Clarkston Junior High (CJHS) Principal Adam Kern commended the students for being the first class to do some different things around the school, such as completing two musicals, starting Make-a-Wish week, certain athletic achievements and being part of the school’s first two learning showcases.
“I’m constantly amazed what these students are able to produce on a daily basis, a yearly basis, in all their classes,” Kern said. “To walk through that learning showcase was so exhilarating, so amazing for me to be through that and see what these students are doing and not just have their work set out, but the presentations they were doing and sharing was just phenomenal.”
Kern continued by saying how impressed he is with this group of ninth graders because of their ability to view the world around them and constantly search for ways to make it better. This ability is why he choose this Roberto Clemente quote to impart to the class: “If you have a chance to accomplish something that will make things better for people coming behind you, and you don’t do that, you are wasting your time on this Earth.”
“The reason why I selected it for this group is because they are truly living that out, they are not wasting their time on this Earth, but they are using their time on this Earth to really help others and to really benefit those that are coming behind them,” Kern said. “They have done many different projects and many different fundraisers to make things better. They have a genuine concern about their fellow man and find ways to make the lives of others better.”
Before Assistant Principal Monica McGraw announced student’s names and award achievements, Kern urged the class not to forget about the great legacy they’ll leave at CJHS and the lives they’ve improved.
“Continue to make things better for those who come behind you and know your CJHS family will always be watching and will be beaming with pride over the great things that you accomplish in the future,” Kern said. “Make the most of your time and continue doing the great things you have done. I’m very proud of you. Congratulations.”
After students received their awards, CJHS Leadership Teacher Laura Rinehart presented the student Leadership Awards to students Nathan Aberlich and Abbey Tolmie.
Rinehart said the two students work hard every day to make CJHS a better place.
Kern presented the 2017 Athlete Awards to Rielee Fetty, a varsity basketball and soccer player, and Luke Baylis, a varsity tennis player.
Lastly, Kern presented the 2017 Principal Awards, which went to Nathan Aberlich and Cali Ehrenberger.
“These are just two representatives of the outstanding students we have here at Clarkston Junior High School,” Kern said. “We are very proud of all you guys have accomplished this year.”

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