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  1. Sarah Burnette   March 6, 2018 at 7:27 pm

    I really hope that this possible parking or kiosk parking will help whiten up the traffic and parking dilemma says that we downtown Clarkston residents have to deal with on a weekend basis or even a daily basis depending on the visitors we get downtown that like to park down on Washington in walk to town My name is Sara Burnett and I live down on Washington street with my husband which the Burnett family has been here for many many years and has been a positive productive member of this societee we would like to continue to be positive influential Members of this town and community trust me on that. I just wanna let my voice be heard and let the Local leaders and board members of this town what kind of issue we are really dealing with living down on Washington street expression Li on the weekends. My husband and I own a bass boat he is a terminate fisherman and is usually carding his boat around and putting in the water all the time anytime he can Or his wife low allow lol. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with how backing a boat up is not easy let alone doing it on a call the sack but now factor in an immense amount of vehicles Actually a ridiculous amount of vehicles part on both sides all the way down the cult we sac That makes for an almost impossible park job and Really shouldn’t be something that we have to deal with on a regular basis again just put yourself in our shoes in it’s not like we’re just dealing with it during the holidays or a couple times a year we do it every weekend and more so with the increased Activity during the summer time becomes very very very redundant it is posing a problem for the entire neighborhood now it’s annoying just be honest when I am not able to back my boat into my driveway when I wanna put it away that’s somehow seems ethically wrong because why? Why has this problem not been addressed? Why has it continued to go on for so long? What do I gotta do and who do I gotta talk to him what are the procedures to going about getting a city wardens for that not to happen anymore and how do I enforce the no parking signs already posted


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