PHIL IN THE BLANK: So long ’17

This year went by fast, as usual.
Parking was a big issue in downtown Clarkston at the beginning of the year and it still is now.
There have been a few setbacks. I remember keeping a lookout daily for that parking kiosk to show up at Washington and Main every day in July, then in November when it was supposed to appear but didn’t.
The next vigil will be in the spring.
The city has had progress, though, with parking changes on neighborhood streets, stepped up enforcement, and more than 100 spots opened up, with a shuttle service from Renaissance High School to downtown.
I’ve ended up parking on Holcomb during events when parking is at its maximum, so the efforts are welcome.
The Bailey House still stands up on Sashabaw Road. I was prepared to get some pictures of its demolition in August, which was scheduled days after I got the first call about it from Sam Moraco.
People responded vigorously, though, and got the county to issue a stay for the historic home. This year comes the hard part, figuring out a way to save it without making things worse.
Hopefully the Clarkston Junior High Construction Tech kids will help. They’re already hard at work restoring the old church on Maybee Road.
I doubled my theatrical resume this year, from two shows with Clarkston Village Players to four (all still with CVP). I still haven’t had enough of the stage and will probably try out for something this year.
I also spent some time with the Clarkston High School Drama Club. I watched their very impressive performance of the musical “Les Miserables” in February. I caught up with them again in October as they were getting made up with stage blood and horrific but simulated wounds, for an emergency response drill for local paramedics. The kids seemed to enjoy the experience. The medics took things in stride.
My resolution for 2018 is the same as for 2017 – lose weight and keep it off.
I called it “2013 v.2,” last January, named after the year I made the first New Year’s Resolution to lose weight, and managed to do it. So this would be 2013 v.3? Whatever, just do it.

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