Pre-season clean up on slopes for ski teams

Clarkston News Sports Writer
Skiers have until the new year for their racing season but they were on the slopes at Pine Knob Ski Resort, Nov. 9.
The racers from the Clarkston Boys and Girls Ski teams, along with Notre Dame Prep and Rochester, filled 50-60 bags of garbage they picked up off Pine Knob.

The Clarkston Boys and Girls Ski teams take to Pine Knob Ski Resort to clean up trash before the season begins. Photo by Wendi Reardon Price

“They don’t have to be out there right now doing this,” said Clarkston Athletic Director Jeff Kosin. “Typically they are waiting until the snow is on the ground to come out.”
He explained it’s part of a new iniative in the athletics department – for athletes to give back to their community. This was the first one they have had on a large scale where the entire girls and boys teams have come out and it was orchestrated by the coach.
“Coach Mike Foyteck came to me and thought about putting together an organization such this,” Kosin added. “We have been thinking about it with athletics each kid have some sort of community service piece giving back to the community. Our community gives so much to Clarkston Athletics. We want to take care of it. The ski teams have been grilling hot dogs at our football games so Coach Foyteck is a huge member of our community. When he said’I would like our kids to do this,’ I jumped all over it.”
A bonus is Pine Knob Ski Resort is right in the community and it’s home for the Wolves not only during the race season but during the concert season at DTE Energy Music Theatre.
“It’s a multipurpose hill for these kids. They take care of something they have ownership and pride in,” Kosin said. “We are always saying how our students are held to a higher standard and this is a good example of putting them at a higher standard which is fantastic. It put athletics, it puts our community, and it puts our kids in a really good light.”
Skiers start their season in January. For more information on Clarkston Athletics, please visit

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