Almont passes ordinance to prohibit the use of coal tar sealant

The Village of Almont MI adopted an ordinance on Sept. 5 which prohibits the use of coal tar sealants and other sealants with high PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon) content from being sold or applied within the community. In an effort to protect and promote public safety and community health, the village became the first community in the Clinton River watershed to pass an ordinance against coal tar sealant.

In recent years studies from around the United States have found that high PAH content sealants such as coal tar are a threat to both human health and the environment. The stormwater runoff from surfaces which have been sealed with coal tar can lead to many aquatic impacts such as fish deformities, gill and fin erosion and delayed development of other aquatic organisms. Studies have shown that over time contact with coal tar surfaces including breathing in or ingesting particles from coal tar can also increase cancer risk in humans and increase asthma occurrences in those who live near the substance.

Many restrictions and ordinances have been enacted across the United States and the State of Michigan, with the Village of Almont being the first community in the Clinton River Watershed to take action against this harmful sealant.

For more information regarding the ordinance or coal tar sealant please contact the Clinton River Watershed Council at (248)601-0606.

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