Safety path extension off Clintonwood

Clarkston News Staff Writer
Walkers and runners in the southeast township neighborhoods will soon be able to go farther in safety.
The Independence Township Board accepted a proposal from Nowak & Fraus, an engineering firm, for a Clintonville Road Safety Path Project for up to $88,606.
The new 4,500 feet of pathway will connect with existing safety path on the east side of Clintonville Road, continuing north at Spring Meadow Drive, and ending at the existing safety path on the northeast corner of Waldon Road.
The project will fill in a gap in Independence Township’s safety path system and increase overall connectivity between the paths, said Jeff Huhta of Nowak & Fraus.
Everyone designing the project will be Independence Township residents, Huhta said.
“We’re excited to contribute to their community through the Clintonville project,” he said.
A new plumbing system is in the works for Bay Court Park’s Lakeview Building.
Independence Township Board voted, Feb. 21, to accept the project by S&B Plumbing Sewer and Services, Inc., not to exceed $9,960.
“It’s been a long time since we put any money into them and we’re looking forward to making them a lot better,” said Parks, Recreation, and Seniors Director Derek Smith. “It’s time for an upgrade and to replace all the rusty fixtures and kind of put our best foot forward.”
The building’s three restrooms will be renovated first, as they are most in need of repair, Smith said.
Renovations will include new tile floor, toilets, and sinks, along with removal of two sinks from each bathroom, and the addition of cabinets. Renovations of the main hallway, main room floor, and windows will follow.
The Parks, Recreation and Seniors Department is gathering quotes for the tile and main rental room floor.
The Township Board amended the document to allow a 10 percent contingency if any unforeseen problems arise during the restroom renovations.

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