STUDENT WRITER’S FAVORITE PLACE: At bat for his hometown team

By Noah Wenzell,
fifth grade

SKREECH! The car came to a stop in the Sashabaw Plains parking lot, and I hopped out of the car to grab my baseball equipment. When I got out of the car and started towards the field I thought I was forgetting something. I got to the field and my dad, who was the coach, told everyone to grab their bats and head to the outfield for practice. I reached into my bag to notice my bat was gone. I ran back to the car and realized it was still not there. I ended up using my friend Daniel’s bat instead.
The game seemed to go on forever. It wasn’t my best game, but I still enjoyed playing baseball with my team. We were down by one run and I was one of the last people to bat in the inning, so I thought my last hit of the game would be an out from the inning before. It was the top of the sixth inning and I didn’t know if we could come back, but when we started out the inning with an out I lost hope we could win.
Then, we started to get hits and one thing led to another and we took the lead. I knew we would still need to play hard on defense to hold the other team to no runs, but I grew excited and I thought I might have a chance to bat again and not end the game with an out as my last hit. It ended up getting to me and I gripped the bat as hard as I could. Then I look out into the field at the other team to see that they covered the field with players. I saw no way to have the ball touch the ground without the other team catching the ball. Jaden was on second base and I knew only a single would score Jaden with all his speed.
I stepped up to the plate for my last at bat. The pitcher began his wind up and released the ball, flying at me. Before I knew it I had to swing and by that time I was too late. Swing and a miss. The second pitch came and seemed faster than the first, then I swung and missed again. I thought I would end the game with a strikeout but then, the next pitch came in and I pulled back to swing and … DING!
The ball flew through the air into the outfield over the outfielders’ heads. I ran around the bases as fast as I could. Then before I knew it I was at home plate and the catcher had moved away to catch the ball. I touched home plate then jumped in the air with excitement.
It was my first home run in kid pitch baseball and I could not believe it. It would be a story I would always remember.
Clarkston Junior High students Evelyn Dice and Brooke Larkin organized a writing contest at Pine Knob Elementary. One of their prizes was  publication in The Clarkston News.

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  1. Laurie Michaud   June 15, 2017 at 5:26 pm

    Awesome story !!!


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