STUDENT WRITER’S FAVORITE PLACE: The challenge of Pine Knob Ski Club

By Kendall Sieradski, fourth grade

Plunk! As me and my dad went sliding off from the chair lift from the beautiful view of ski hills, we decided I was going to watch my dad do the moguls.
Moguls are very bumpy hills that mostly adults do.
“Stay on that side of the hill. There’s no bumps over there,” my dad informed me as he pointed to the hill on the left of the moguls.
“Alrighty,” I cheered.
I really just wanted to go skiing. There is only one winter throughout the whole year and I had to make the most of it.
I slowly and carefully slid up to the very edge of the hill. I plopped the snow off my blue, green, white, and black colored skis. I was ready for action.
I was hoping to beat my dad in a ski race because he might be slower on the moguls, but, that’s doubtful. I felt like I was racing for a gold medal. Three, two, one GO!!!!
Zoom! Zing! Turning! Twisting!
I was having the time of my life on that hill. I turned slightly to see if I was winning the race. I knew my dad wasn’t racing, but I was.
I didn’t notice that my skis rotated while I turned… BOOM! BAM! ZIG! ZING! CLUNK! PLUNK! PLUMP! … BANG!!!
I was spitting out laughter when I fell on the moguls. I glanced up the hill and saw my dad. Well, I won.
My dad asked “are you ok!?”
“Yeah, I’m great!” I smiled.
“Next time we’ll be more careful. You’re still little!” my dad laughed.
Later my friends came to ski club too. I told them the whole story. “Hey guys, we should try the moguls!” my friend Lili shouted. “Sure!” shouted everyone but me.
I slumped my head down on the hard rocky chair lift thinking to myself: what if I don’t know how to keep my control the way down?
What if I fall? I’m so little still.
But, if I want to get better at skiing, I need to challenge myself. I can do this!
“You guys ready?!” I asked.
“Yeah!” everyone replied.
We hopped off the chair lift all ready. We were all at the edge of the hill again, determined to do this.
“Go,” I whispered.
We all started slowly, going around one bump at a time and we were very careful and stayed on the side of the hill. We all had a few mistakes but, we learned from them.
Finally, when we all got to the bottom we all cheered with happiness.
“Yay!!!!!! We all cheered. “We did it!”
I was still in the amazement that nobody fell! We did the moguls again and again and again till we had to go home. I was proud how I believed in myself, challenged myself, and had so much fun at Ski Club. I made an awesome memory that night that I will never forget.
Clarkston Junior High students Evelyn Dice and Brooke Larkin organized a writing contest at Pine Knob Elementary. One of their prizes was publication in the Clarkston News.

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