STUDENT WRITER’S FAVORITE PLACE: Looking for frogs at Spring Lake

By Luke Thomas, fourth grade

“Hey, mom!” I said. It was a warm summer day, not a single cloud in the clear blue sky.
“What is it, Luke,” my mom replied.
“Can I go down to Jaxon’s and Bryce’s house,” I said back.
“Oh, sure, Luke, just be back by five o’clock,” Mom responded.
“Ohhhh, YES OH YES OH YES!!!! I was SOOOOOO excited! Jaxon and Bryce are two of my longtime friends. Me and Jaxon met in kindergarten, but I can’t remember when me and Bryce met.
When I arrived at Jaxon and Bryce’s house, I was greeted by the Nowik family dog, Snickers. “Awwwww, you’re so cute!”
All Snickers responded with was a bunch of excitement!
“C’mon, Luke, let’s go play Terraria,” Jaxon told me.
“Alright, let’s go this!” I replied.
The next few minutes of life contained a LOT of Terraria! Defeated bosses, built some houses, and all that stuff. Then, Jaxon had the sudden idea to go around the neighborhood looking for frogs and other reptiles. Probably because he is a reptile FREAK! When we got out the door, we headed straight to Mason and Carson McGuire’s house. Maybe because all of us are REALLY good friends! Anyway, when we got to the McGuire’s house, Mason and Carson were happy to tag along.
“Sure!” Mason said when he heard we were going to look for frogs.
“The I guess count me in!” Carson said.
“Alright!” Jaxon said. “Let’s do this!”
When we got going, Jaxon made a suggestion. “Let’s go down to the pond!” was his suggestion.
“Oh yea, that’s an AMAZING idea, Jaxon!” Bryce agreed. After he agreed, everyone but me also agreed.
“I’m not sure, what if I get in trouble?” was my objection. “Don’t worry, man,” Jaxon said to me. “We’ll only be there for a little bit.”
“TO THE POND!!!!” Jaxon, me, Bryce, Mason, and Carson yelled.
We were going to hunt for frogs! And other reptiles! It’s going to be fun! And now I’ll get back to the details! We were going to a pond that I did not even know EXISTED! Mainly because I spend most of my time indoors.
So, we got to the pond just two minutes and 30 seconds ago and we ALREADY found a frog!
“GET THE BUCKET, LUKE! GET THE BUCKET!!!” Jaxon demanded, in a nice way.
“OKAY!” I yelled back. I grabbed the bucket and stumbled over to Jaxon, here he plopped the frog in. “Alright, let’s go back home, give him a name and in a few minutes let it back in the wild!!!”
Spring Lake, my subdivision, still has many parts for people to discover! I’m still discovering little nooks and crannies of the neighborhood! That’s my favorite spot! Hope you liked it!
Clarkston Junior High students Evelyn Dice and Brooke Larkin organized a writing contest at Pine Knob Elementary. One of their prizes was publication in the Clarkston News.

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