Trash-haul rate increases irk residents

Clarkston News Editor
Recent rate increases by Advanced Disposal, which took over for Smith’s Disposal last October, drove residents to reach out to Independence Township, City of the Village of Clarkston, The Clarkston News, and social media.
Readers’ comments on the October 2017 story “Advanced Disposal takes over for Smith’s” at included, “Well, that didn’t take long, rate went up approx $13.00 per quarter. I will be looking for new service very soon!”
“Our quarterly rates just went from $57 to $70.97 for the same service. Fuel fee? Environmental fee?”
“Same here. Exactly. Looking for new service.”
“Yes, my rates went up too…. I am out! Just doesn’t have the same feel now that it went to a big corp. What a shame.”
Trash pickup companies receive licenses to operate in Independence Township and the City of the Village of Clarkston. However, residents could decide to have their municipality contract with one company, said township Supervisor Pat Kittle.
“An option for residents is a citizen committee to recommend a single hauler,” Kittle said. “It could set rules for type and quality of trucks, number of wheels and axels, days for trash pickup, discounts. That’s an option for the township if enough concern is raised.”
City Council has already requested administration research a city-wide trash pickup program, said City Manager Jonathan Smith.
Advanced Disposal did not return calls for comment. One employee emailed to say he was on vacation until this week.
The township list of licensed waste pick-up services for 2017-2018 includes Advanced Disposal, as well as Community Disposal Services of Holly, EMTERRA Environmental of Flint, Odd Job Disposal of Oxford, Republic Services of Pontiac, and Waste Management of Michigan-Detroit North, of Pontiac. Check

4 Responses to "Trash-haul rate increases irk residents"

  1. MICHAEL L POWELL   April 19, 2018 at 7:39 am

    The notion that getting government involved when a provider of a service raises it’s rates ignores the fact that those that are hired can easily be fired by the consumer when it is the consumer that does the hiring. However once the government gets involved in the hiring of companies to provide a service the ability for consumers to fire a company for poor service, rate hikes, etc. is an option that is taken away from consumers.
    It was reported on the news recently that a local township that had decided to have a “one hauler” contract for it’s residents turned down the lowest bid for trash removal and instead hired the higher bidder because they were already in place and “were doing a good job”.

    The residents of this township have spoken out numerous times against the idea of putting the government in charge of hiring a trash hauler on our behalf, and this is a perfect example of why we’re against the idea. Once this choice is taken away and rates are increased or service suffers consumers won’t be able to fire the company and take their business elsewhere.

    Going to the township to complain about rate hikes involving a company it did not hire makes no sense. Who really wants to deal with the government and the trash hauler it hired if the township decides to take that consumer choice away? Thanks, but no thanks! I’ll hire and fire my own trash hauler!

  2. RMG   April 19, 2018 at 9:36 am

    The beauty of competition is that you have a choice to select the vendor that works best in price and service.

  3. Bob Wyatt   April 24, 2018 at 2:13 pm

    Advanced hit its customers with a 25% increase. Trash trucks are the heaviest, most destructive vehicle driving regularly on our residential streets. To have a company servicing each neighborhood would reduce wear and tear on our streets.

  4. Tiffany   April 25, 2018 at 8:46 am

    I think the people should use the trash company they choose and not what the city chooses. I go through tnr and I love my trash company and would not want change because the city says so.


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