Wendi’s Word: Hello spring!

The brisk cold is finally gone and people have emerged from their houses with a tinge of cabin fever.
It’s nice to finally say to our 2-year-old son as he gazes out the window, “go get your shoes and we will go outside.” It’s even nicer when he goes to get them before you even have to say anything. It’s bad when he grabs his shoes when you are trying to go to work. Sorry little man, no visit to the office for you today.
He has grown so there are things new to him to explore. He found a magnifying glass on Sunday and was peeking at random flowers, rocks and dirt. He does enjoy the dirt.
He can now take his tricycle down the street as he walks it, not quite has the pedaling down yet. Or keeping feet on the pedals.
His pace for running has gotten quicker but the smile and the giggle are the same when he gets someone to chase him.
The little man has become a gardner in which he somewhat picks weeds. He takes the dandelion heads off the stems.
When we had a few warm days in March, he did spend time picking up pine cones under the trees in the front yard. He had a nice collection going in a plastic bin until he moved on to other outdoor activities.
It is fun to watch him grab his container of sidewalk chalk, kneel down in a spot, color for a few minutes before picking up the container again and taking it to a new spot.
The change of weather, the sun setting later and a change in the bed has pushed bedtime back a little bit. After a week, I am still adjusting. The crib has been converted into the toddler bed. He can climb in and out as he pleases.
Or doesn’t please. He has to be super tired to get into the bed and cuddle with one of his blankets. It might be 9 p.m. it might be later. It is certainly later than the previous 7:30 p.m. and 8 p.m.
The hour difference changes the mindset a little bit. I used to attempt to scrapbook a few pages, but I don’t know if it would take 10 minutes or an hour to get into a creative groove. Really, this mommy likes the eight hours of sleep. With the toddler waking up at about 6 a.m., it does change the personal drive.
Maybe on a weekend I can get him to nap for a few hours and I can get creative. Maybe….

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