$300,000 surplus expected for parks

Clarkston News Staff Writer
Independence Township Board voted, May 16, to approve a $98,748 budget amendment for the Parks, Recreation, and Seniors Department.
The money comes out of a $300,000 surplus predicted for the department at the end of 2017, Parks, Recreation and Seniors Director Derek Smith said, which is similar to the budget surplus at the end of 2016.
Smith asked for the budget amendment to help cover areas not originally budgeted.
The amendment will help to continue revitalizing the park system and stabilizing the budget, Smith said.
The funds will be used on part-time park staff, improvement projects and maintenance throughout the park system, opening of Brady Lodge, and capital improvements, he said.
“I challenged you when you had that operating surplus last year to see what you can do to roll that into your capital plan, and I think you’ve done a yeoman’s job here, so hat’s off to you,” Supervisor Pat Kittle said.


Treasurer Paul Brown presented the 2017 First Quarterly Investment Report at the Township Board’s May 16 meeting. Independence Township has a portfolio value of $39,798,813. Of the portfolio holdings, 44 percent are invested in Federal Agency issues, 31 percent in checking/ savings accounts, 13 percent in Government Investment Pools, 11 percent in the Michigan Government Bond and one percent in Certificate of Deposits/Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service.