Primary election results

Unofficial results of the Aug. 7 primary election include,

43rd District State Rep

Andrea Schroeder earned the Republican nomination for the 43rd District State Representative seat, with 5,563 votes, 44.74% of the total.

Jose Aliaga earned 3,516 votes, 28.28%; and

Anthony Bartolotta, 3,354 votes, 26.98%.

Nicole Breadon ran unopposed for the Democratic nomination for the 43rd District, earning 8,468 votes.

12th District State Senate

In the 12th District State Senate race, Michael McCready earned the Republican nomination with 12,512 votes, 45.38% of the vote.

Jim Tedder received 12,224 votes, 44.33%;

Terry Whitney, 2,071 votes, 7.51%; and

Vernon Molnar, 766 votes, 2.78%.

Rosemary Bayer was unopposed for the Democratic nomination for the 12th District, receiving 27,667 votes.

Running unopposed for the 12th District Libertarian nomination was Jeff Pittel, receiving 149 votes.

Eighth District, U.S. Congress

Mike Bishop won the Republican nomination in his reelection bid for Eighth  District U.S. Representative, earning 75,391 votes, 92.34% of the total.

Lokesh Kumar received 6,250 votes, 7.66%.

Elissa Slotkin earned the Democratic nomination for the Congressional Eighth District , receiving 57,817 votes, 70.67% of the total.

Chris Smith received 23,995 votes, 29.33%.

Brian Ellison earned the Libertarian nomination for District 8, with 522 votes.

The nominees move on to the general election on Nov. 6.

Independence Township voters overwhelmingly passed two millage proposals.
The Police Services Operating Millage was approved with 6,753 votes in favor, 76.89%; 2,030 votes against, 23.11%.
Renewal of Safety Path Millage was approved with 5,894 yes votes, 69.41%; 2,598 votes no, 30.59%.