A call for the truth

Dear Editor,
Imagine my surprise to open the Clarkston News op-ed page to find so many column inches dedicated to the degradation of our president (“Fight for free speech,” Nov. 21)!
Virulent vindictive vituperation in a poison pen polemic of purple prose was complete with mistakes and misnomers commonly coming from strident partisans filled with non productive flap doodle and flummery.
I fear the writer has been watching network and cable television, worse yet, believing it! Radio news is just as full of supposition, projection and assumption, devoid of fact.
Those of you who wish to understand what is really going on in media today should go to your trusty old computer. Pull up YouTube, and type “Cavett, Hoffa” into the search box. Then, you can hear Jimmy describe exactly what was done to him, a carbon copy of what is happening to the first citizen president elected since George Washington.
Try a little truth, it will only hurt a little at first.
Rob Namowicz
Independence Township