A call for truth

Dear Editor,
As much as one tries, mass media in America is hard to ignore. All day, all night we are bombarded by network news, radio, television and major newspapers that publish only three or four stories a day. Studies have shown over 90 percent of this blather and chatter is negative about our sitting president.
Such frightful tosh! Very few human beings are 90 percent bad, and certainly not the president. Even his ex-wives still like him!
So we are fitfully inundated with stories of Democrats’ search for a savior from a field of candidates you wouldn’t choose for a team to play sandlot baseball. Of the declared candidates the only one who could win is being ignored and shunned, that being Tulsi Gabbard.
Why? How can we tell? Because Hillary Clinton attacked her as a “Russian spy.”
Remember, love or hate the Clintons, they control millions and millions, probably billions of dollars. They also employ cadres of people, armies of policy wonks, lawyers and workers at their myriad charities.
To get an idea of just how large and powerful their political footprint remains, fire up your computer, Youtube “Charles Ortell” and “Jason Goodman.” You will discover your mass media sins by omission, that the truth lies not with network news. We are lied to and misguided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Oh, to be free of the negative nabobs!
Be glad for your local paper, close to home and closer to truth.
Rob Namowicz
Independence Townhip

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