A call to fix East Church Street

Dear Editor,
I am writing you out of concern for East Church Street, a six-house stretch from the city line to Roselawn, in front of Renaissance High School. The potholes are so bad, to avoid damage to their vehicles, drivers using our street to access Roselawn and East Washington Street are driving on the sidewalk. This sidewalk is supposed to service the community pedestrians, as well as the students of RHS, Clarkston Elementary, and Clarkston Junior High.
Fortunately, no incidents have happened yet, but I personally have had to get myself and my dog out of the way of cars as we walked on the sidewalk.
The residents of the six houses along this part of East Church, on the north side, have sought assistance and had no luck with the City of the Village of Clarkston, Independence Township, and the Road Commission for Oakland County. We were told there was nothing they could do; it was our responsibility.
Long-time residents tell us the Clarkston Community Schools district, whose property is the south side of the street, originally paved and used our street as part of their daily bus routes for years, and the road was maintained during those years as well. However, when the connecting drive between Waldon and East Church was closed off during the most recent construction on RHS, the buses no longer used our street so the maintenance stopped. Subsequently the black top deteriorated, holes formed and the gravel continues to wash out and the holes get bigger.
With the Fourth of July parade ending at RHS, I am particularly concerned because the participants and drivers have difficulty navigating the holes, not to mention the potential of injury or damage to vehicles. During the Christmas parade, we watched Santa start the parade by almost being rocked off his sled because of the poor condition of the road. Also, it’s kind of embarrassing for our city and township to host such great and well-attended holiday parades but have them start or end on such a bumpy, dangerous road.
Thank you for letting me share my concerns.
Tom Armstrong

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