A Look Back for January 20, 2021

From The Clarkston News archives

25 years ago – 1996
“School’s out for Haner in June” Clarkston Community Schools Superintendent Gary Haner announced he was retiring from public education at the end of the school year.
“No raises for township officials” For the second consecutive year, Independence Township’s top officials would not receive a raise. The recommendation came from Dale Stuart, township supervisor, and the board of trustees approved it.
“All out effort for sake of theatre” The Clarkston High School Drama Club held its annual Theatre-A-Thon, a major fundraiser for the spring musical. The event, starting right after school and finished around midnight, included singing, performing skits and a hilarious monologue about meat from Derek Bannasch.


50 years ago – 1971
“School aid cutback will hurt” In a formula to prevent a $108 million state budget deficit, a $27 million cutback in state aid to schools was proposed. Clarkston Community Schools Superintendent L. F. Green said the cutback would cause serious financial difficulties.
“Wrestlers roll past undefeated Brighton” Clarkston Varsity Wrestling rolled past undefeated Brighton in the final match to win the important league meet, 25-23. “Beautiful, I knew they could do it,” said Coach Dick Moscovic.
“Around town” Enjoying dinner at the Clarkston Cafe for celebrations were Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Leonard, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Anderson and Dr. and Mrs. Harold Ford. It was a birthday for Virginia Leonard and the Andersons were celebrating their anniversary.

75 years ago – 1946
“Clarkston locals” Mrs. George Williams, of 127 N. Holcomb Street, was hostess to 12 friends at her home, honoring Mrs. Osmun Mills, formerly, Marion Porter, of Birmingham. The evening was spent playing Bug.
“The Hilltopper” In third grade news, the students were reading about birds and were beginning to make bird books. They enjoyed the books “Perency” by Marjore Tarrey which were read during story period.
“Our boys and girls in service” Corp. F. J. Miller of Clarkston was one of 1,000 Army and Navy veterans whom the Navy was returning to the States for discharge aboard the USS Marcus Island.

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