An answer to impeachment call

Dear Editor,
Contrary to a recent letter to the editor (“A call for action on impeachment,” Nov. 20), a majority of Americans now oppose the impeachment proceedings. They’ve seen “the political gamesmanship” by the Democratic Party start with calls for his impeachment long before he was sworn into office.
The refusal to accept the results of the 2016 election and the numerous accusations that have followed have been investigated numerous times and all have found no evidence of wrong doing. Yet the unprecedented hatred Americans are witnessing on a daily basis continues irregardless of the facts.
Sadly our children have had to witness house “leaders” holding partisan impeachment inquiries out-of- sight and in the bowels of the capital where those “leaders” have acted “like slicksters, and liars who hide the truth.” And once the “slicksters and liars” were forced out into the public eye, the first act of the “leader” of the inquiry was to lie to the American people in his opening statement.
The “masters of lies, obstruction, pivot and spin who feign concern for openness and transparency” have shown us through their “hearings” that they have absolutely no interest in fairness, truth, openness, or transparency. Instead they instituted a process that is antithetical to the American principal of jurisprudence and replaced it with the third-world tyrannical notion that we are all “guilty until proven innocent.”
Denying witnesses of the accused the ability to testify, while directing their handpicked hearsay witnesses to refuse to answer questions that might get to the truth.
All while denying the accused legal representation, communications, depositions, and the ability to call witnesses in their defense. How is this setting a good example for our children and our country?
Yet when confronted with no evidence of wrongdoing, while being given straight answers, evidence in defense of the accused and the undeniable proof of their innocence is never good enough for the partisan mob. Instead, the calls for the crucifixion of the accused resume and all historical processes are abandoned. Showing us once again who the “government pigs who believe they’re more equal than others” really are.
The “leaders” of impeachment have been on their four-year crucifixion without facts, without straight answers, and without hard documents proving their accusations. All while presidential press secretaries are routinely harassed and no longer hold daily briefings, forcing the president to talk to the media only in the presence of a whirling helicopter or other setting from which he offers substantive answers to the media’s “guilty until proven innocent” questions.
But, straight, specific, and complete answers from the commander-in-chief, or his staff is never good enough. Instead, the army of Trump haters march on undeterred by the facts. Facts showing the congressional impeachment proceedings have been an unnecessary national and international embarrassment.
The world is seeing grown men and women in elected positions doing and saying anything to prevent the truth from coming to light. The obstruction, lies, insults, and mob mentality would alarm us if exhibited by our children or spouse, yet it takes center stage at the impeachment “inquiries” providing Americans with the exact circumstances that got Trump elected in 2016.
Like 3- or 4-year-old children, America has witnessed grown men and women in suits create unfairness within the walls of Congress, putting forward witnesses who answered directly they didn’t witness so much as a cookie being stolen or eaten, but the haters heard nary a word.
Yes, some have become delusional. Some so despondent that when they see “Christians for Trump” signs, it offends them. Knowing this, surely all “Women for Trump” and “Blacks for Trump” signs must also trigger the same despondency and calls for “decency” as a “Christians for Trump” sign would, why single out one group?
Those who watched the impeachment inquiry saw first hand the poor example set for your children, the ones you “worked so hard to guide toward decency, respect and truth.” Sadly our children and the impeachment process have now been perverted and destroyed by a tyrannical group that doesn’t seek decency, respect, or truth.
Instead they seek to bully, lie, pivot, spin, insult and disenfranchise millions of American voters who voted for a president who is doing exactly what he promised them he would do.
The future of the greatest nation on earth is at stake, a nation with democratic values and a reputation for decency rivaled around the world has been turned inside out and upside down by those who believe they are “more equal then others” by demanding that your vote be ignored.
Now that we know that no impeachable crime has been committed, the proper remedy for removing Donald Trump is at the ballot box, not through unfair, hearsay, partisan impeachments that seek to disenfranchise the votes of millions of Americans.
Michael Powell
Independence Township

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  1. MIKE FETZER   November 27, 2019 at 6:15 pm

    I believe Mr.Powell’s “rebuttal” underscores the harm Trump has done to the nation. It reflects the talking points, spin and kool-aid served by the Trump administration. Trump’s vulgar mouthings, devoid of direct, straight and responsive answers to specific questions, is not straight talk, and impeding testimony by top government officials flies in the face of Trump’s fake expressions of interest in cooperation and transparency. This “president”, elected by only a minority of Americans, is perpetrating a fraud on the nation….


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