An open letter to Rep. Schroeder on U.S. Capitol events of Jan. 6

Dear Representative Schroeder,

Thank you for your statement (January 6) that “Breaking and entering are illegal. And breaking and entering into OUR nation’s Capitol Building is unacceptable. The violent protesters who breached the capitol in Washington DC are un-American and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”
I completely agree and support your statement.
Representative Matt Maddock and his wife Meshawn Maddock have incited violence, perpetuating a false narrative regarding election fraud which disenfranchises millions of Michiganders. They helped organize Unlock Michigan and the armed “protests” at the Michigan capitol which intimidated lawmakers with guns and later shut down the capitol. What happened January 5 in our nation’s capital followed this model.
The Maddocks organized busloads of Michiganders to travel to Washington to riot and attempt to disrupt the peaceful transition of power. They were speakers at the protest in Washington, as documented in video from the Right Side Broadcasting Network. They clearly were among the leaders of an attempted insurrection that threatens our democracy and constitution.
I urge you to follow through on your words and “prosecute to the fullest extent of the law” Matt and Meshawn Maddock. Matt Maddock has demonstrated he has no interest in upholding democracy and should be censured, removed from his committees, and removed from office. Meshawn Maddock should not be allowed to become co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party this February.
If the Michigan Republican Party allows an insurgent who led riots and an assault on our nation’s capital and election to become co-chair, how does this reflect on you and the Party’s values?
It is said that “Evil triumphs when good people do nothing.” It is time for you to demonstrate your integrity.
As one of the leaders of the Michigan Republican legislators, you have sworn to uphold the constitution.
Michiganders are watching you and counting on you to follow through your words.

Emily Cord-Duthinh

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