And then a hero came along…

Oxford High School students stood up one by one and looked across the room or across the table as they described their heroes on Monday.
The students had worked on the Hero Honoree Celebration all trimester after they had learned about heroes in literature and the concepts used to define a hero in Crystal Corbett’s ‘Heroes in Literature? class.
‘Some of the concepts are struggles, a part of being human is overcoming obstacles and overcoming them in a noble way,? said Corbett.
They took a look at heroes during the course of history and how a hero was chosen based on the battles they had fought and wars they had been in. Then, they took a look at what it means to be a hero today.
Corbett wanted the students to take the opportunity and apply the concept of heroes to people they knew.
‘Today’s heroes go through battles, but it is a different type of scenario,? said Jeff Weed. ‘They face every day battles like economically, physically and emotionally. A stereotypical hero, of Greek times, went through a lot of battles as a warrior to be a hero.?
Weed chose his mom as his hero when he wrote a poem to share at the celebration.
‘From day one she supported us,? he explained. ‘When times were rough financially, she never backed down. She always had a roof over our head and is just always there for us.?
Weed said the project taught him how to see those special qualities in his mom and how to admire them.
Senior Austyn Sylba chose his younger sister, Jacqui, as his hero.
‘She has always been an inspiration for me. She keeps me on the right track and makes sure I don’t get too crazy,? he said.
Since many wrote only a few lines in their poems, Austyn focused on how Jacqui is always there for him, has his back no matter what happens, and he always strives to do better for his little sister.
‘Heroes push them to be who they are today,? he said.
Senior Allie Miller also chose a special person in her life as her hero ? her daughter, Izzie. ‘She has changed my life more than anyone has,? she said as the 18-month nibbled on a piece of pizza after the ceremony. ‘I love her a lot. She is my hero.?
Part of the assignment was using a picture frame where they could display their poem, a photo, or something meaningful. After they read their poem, they gave it to their hero to hold on to.
‘I think this is a really good experience