Athlete of the Week: Fittest teen in Clarkston

Clarkston News Sports Writer
Claire Doty is one of the top Fittest Teens on Earth after competing in the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games, Aug. 1-4.
Doty, a sophomore at Clarkston High School, competed in the 14- and 15-year-old age bracket and finished in tenth place.
“The CrossFit Games was so much fun,” Doty said. “The energy was electric. It was so amazing to be surrounded by the role models I have always looked up to and, of course, be surrounded by the fittest people on earth.”
She scored a total of 230 points and finished in second place in the 2-rep overhead squat with 200 pounds. She finished ninth place in the ruck, 25:33.07; sandbag triplet, 3:24.22; downs and back chipper, 23:13.34; bi couplet two, 5:29.40; and bi couplet one, 3:59.93.

Claire Doty. Photo provided

Doty received an email in July as spot had opened for the CrossFit Games and was invited to participate. It gave her only a few weeks to prepare.
“Considering I was ‘games training’ for only had three weeks prior to the Games, I think I did well,” Doty shared. “I gave each workout 110 percent. I did have a couple of mistakes during the first few workouts, but I finished strong with a second place finish during the 2- rep max overhead squat workout. I was happy to see improvements with each workout.”
Doty, who just turned 16 last week, is now preparing for the 2020 CrossFit Games.
“I definitely learned a lot from my first CrossFit Games experience, realized what changes I need to make, and I am fired up to start training for the 2020 Games,” she said. “I know it won’t be easy, but I’ve got a plan and I’m up for the challenge.”
Doty discovered CrossFit while she was watching a gymnastics YouTube video.
Her parents are Amy and Rob Doty.
Read more about Claire’s journey to the CrossFit Games in “CrossFit competitor” in the July 18, 2019 edition of The Clarkston News.

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