Athlete of the Week: Powerlifter fights for goals

Clarkston News Sports Writer
Jason McInally finished in fifth place in the 114-pound in the Michigan High School Powerlifting Association State Meet, March 8. He finished with a total of 610 with 210 in squat, 130 in bench and 270 in dead lift.
“My season went well as a whole,” said the senior at Clarkston High School. “A couple of hiccups here and there, but it was a fun journey.”
McInally added going into the season his goals were to get stronger and qualify for states.
“I had been into health and fitness for a couple years before getting into powerlifting,” he said. “I joined last year to help my goal at the time of getting stronger and fell in love with it.”
One of the things he loved about powerlifting was he got to lift heavy weights almost every day. It led him to making progress in his strength.
“The numbers kept going up and it was really satisfying,” McInally said.

Jason McInally, center, finishes powerlifting season at Clarkston High School in fifth place. Photo provided

When he isn’t studying or conditioning for powerlifting or for his spring track season as a pole vaulter, he is at home meal prepping and educating himself more on health, nutrition and fitness.
He explained since he has more free time while school is on an extended break right now due to COVID-19, he will continute learning more about health and fitness as well as other interests while interacting with his friends more through use of the internet.
His advice to aspire athletes is to take care of your body and listen to your body.
“I hear all the time of people hurting themselves,” McInally said. “It’s because they didn’t stretch or they went too heavy or something along those lines. Powerlifting isn’t a sport to be reckless in.”
He added when it comes to goals, no goal is achieved without struggling.
He added if athletes aren’t making progress with their goal to look at what you do outside of the gym or outside of the field.
“It’s easy putting max effort in for a couple hours but what separates the best from the rest is what they do extra or in the off season.”

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