Athlete of the Week: Moreno continues passion for soccer

Clarkston News Sports Writer
Senior Jacob Moreno visited his next school on a recent trip to California.
Next fall he is attending Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego where he will continue playing soccer and plans to study Marine Biology.
“It was a blast,” he said, adding the campus drew him in because it was right by the water. “Also, the ability for me to play soccer and also study biology with the focus on marine biology.”
He explained ever since he was a kid he was fascinated with marine biology and marine science and continues to feel the same way now.
Moreno finished his final year with the Clarkston Boys Varsity Soccer team in October.
“I really got to live it up with the boys this year,” he added. “It was kind of weird being a senior. I have been on the team the last couple of years and it hit me hard this would be my last time playing for Clarkston. I just tried to make it the best season and have fun with all the younger classmen.”
“He’s a very classy kid,” said Curtis Payment, head coach.
Moreno added highlights of the season were against Detroit Catholic Central and playing Rochester Adams in the first round of district playoffs.

Jacob Moreno during the Wolves' senior night celebration.
Jacob Moreno during the Wolves’ senior night celebration.

“I feel like that’s when our team really came together,” he said. “We played really well both of those games. It was kind of a rough season with ups and downs but those two games showed what our true potential was.”
Moreno began playing soccer when he was younger while living in Mexico and picked up getting to know the game and having fun with it.
“They love soccer down there,” he said. “Being surrounded by the culture of how much they love it, I soaked it all up and started playing down there. When I came back to Michigan I just kept on with it. I began getting really serious about it.”
He added soccer brought something out of him.
“The competition is a blast,” Moreno explained. “Being out there with ten of your good friends, out on the field working as one to be the best team you can be. It’s fun. Also, you get to run. It’s a physical game, it’s a lot of endurance and very tactical. It incorporates a lot of different skill sets.”
His advice to aspiring athletes is don’t take for granted the amount of time left on the field or in high school.
“It really does fly by fast,” he said. “Just try to make the best of every day as a soccer player and a student.”
His parents are Mark and Marcie.

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