Athletes of The Week: Water polo for Wolves

Clarkston student seniors Ryan Ludwa, Jack Storey; juniors Owen Brown, Martin Cordoba; sophomore Adam Ehrenberger and freshman Richie Majewski from Clarkston hit the pool with Lake Orion for the Dragons United Water Polo during the fall season.
Ehrenberger shared he enjoyed his experience with the sport and the team.
“I enjoy the intensity, the endurance and the fact it keeps me fit,” he said. “I am out here doing something and I enjoy it. It’s fun. It’s a great sport.”

Wolves join Lake Orion for Dragons United Water Polo. From left, junior Owen Brown, sophomore Adam Ehrenberger, senior Jack Storey, freshman Richie Majewski, and senior Ryan Ludwa. Not pictured, junior Martin Cordoba. Photo provided

Ehrenberger added everyone worked well together on the blended team.
“You don’t see age or grade but what can you contribute to this team,” he said. “Do you have the endurance and intensity to come every day and do this, then let’s do this.”
He admitted he had never played water polo or swam competitively before and was interested after receiving an email about it.
“I was like ‘hey, I am going to try it out,'” he said when he read the email. “It’s not one of those things everyone is going to be trying out for. I like the atmosphere. It’s relaxed and you can have fun.”
He added it was a bit harder than he expected, but it got easier as he got more into it.
The team finished the season in the first round of the Michigan Water Polo Association East Region District 3 Championships, Oct. 25. They lost to Birmingham Seaholm, 17-3.
The girls season begins in March. A clinic will be held in the spring for boys and girls interested in joining the teams.
“Come out and play,” Ehrenberger said. “It’s fun and it’s a good workout.”
More information can be found for both on the Dragons United Water Polo Facebook page.
~Wendi Reardon Price

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