Athletes of The Week: Successful season for softball

The Clarkston Varsity Softball team. Photo by Visual Sports Network

The Clarkston Varsity Softball team finished the season in the Elite Eight, ranked first in the state in Division 1 and only lost three of their 42 games.
“It’s amazing,” said Don Peters, head coach. “We played tough competition and tough games. More than not, came out on top. We grew as a team. Our individuals grew. They became better players. All 16 girls gelled – I am prouder of that than the record. They played together as a team. When they work out, practice or when they play they have a lot of fun. It’s been a great experience for me as a coach because they just enjoy each other. They enjoy the game. It might seem corny but they like representing Clarkston sports, especially Clarkston female sports.”
Paige Blevins, Hannah Cady, Abbey Tolmie and Olivia Warrington were named as All-State players. Blevins, Cady, Tolmie, Warrington and Abbey Barta were named All-Region, All-District and All-League players.
Blevins was also named as Miss Softball by the Michigan High School Softball Coaches Association and was chosen to play in the upcoming MHSSCA All-State game. She broke the RBI single season record for Clarkston.
Tolmie broke Clarkston High School’s single season record for hits and is now in the MHSSCA record book as one of the top single season for hits.
The team is freshmen MacKenzie Ming, Angelena Perry; sophomores Nyah Ansel, Abbey Barta, Hannah Cady, Sierra Kersten, Abbey Tolmie, Hannah Workman; juniors Chelsea Barnes, Mary Gallagher, Breana Schmidt, Anna Skvarce, Olivia Warrington; seniors Paige Blevins, Hannah Chadwell and Olivia Gilmore.
Peters added the three grew during their four years and it helped for the others to see it.
“The girls got to see as they grow as a player and as a leader, how you grow the softball intelligence and saw their work ethic. They are just a great example,” he said. ~Wendi Reardon Price