Atlas Twp budget on track

Atlas Twp. — More than halfway through the fiscal year, Atlas Township’s budget is on track, says Atlas Township clerk Tere Onica.
While only 33 percent of the year’s revenue has come in, the township has spent slightly less than normal for this stage of the budget year. “I think it’s a very positive sign,” said Onica. “It means we have a lot of money coming in we haven’t received yet.”
The township budgeted $1,021,144 in revenue this year, down from $1,099,394 from the prior year’s revenues, while budgeted expenditures for the township, at $1,006,144, exceeded last year’s actual expenditures of $937,698.
Fifty-eight percent of expenditures are complete for the fiscal year, which ends March 31, 2004.
“We’re right on target and in line with what we’ve done in the past,” she said.
In the building and grounds category, the township “pushed the envelope,” said Onica. Ninety-seven percent of the budget has been spent, amounting to $39,129 of the $40,500. Some expenses were unforeseen, such as paying for ductwork, plumbing repairs, or the garage bay door hit by a Goodrich truck. Other expenses, such as remodeling to accomodate the sheriff’s precinct or installing carpeting while moving offices would have been “ineffective to wait another year,” Onica said.
The township is over budget in one area. For drains, $10,000 was budgeted this year, but the township has spent $24,435. The figure results from work done by the Genesee County Water and Waste Department due to drains that needed to be cleaned out or tiles that cracked after last winter’s freezes and thaws. The cost of repairing and maintaining drains with special assessments will be recouped when the township begins collecting taxes next month, said Onica.
Atlas Township supervisor Paul Amman expects roads to come in under budget.
With work completed on Atlas and Jordan roads this year, $121,394 out of the allotted $180,000 has been spent.
“People think that personal property taxes go to roads,” said Onica, “but the state collects all the money for roads through gas and license renewals and sends it to Genesee County.” Atlas Township receives a portion of the funds for road maintenance and repair only through matching funds.
Overall, Amman is pleased with the budget.
“We’re 60 percent through the fiscal year, and a lot of the major expenses are behind us,” he said.
“All (expenditures) we have left are our standard monthly expenses,” said Onica.