Sweet memories at the dance

BY BRENDA DOMINICK Clarkston News Staff Writer Annaliese Dunlap made an extra memory at the Clarkston Daddy/Daughter Dance, Saturday night. She got to lead the 7 p.m. dance with her dad David Dunlap to a special tribute song, “Papa Daddy,” written by her grandfather, Jerry Calow, when she was 3 years old. “Please complement all […]

‘Inappropriate’ relationship does Rock in

BY BRENDA DOMINICK Clarkston News Staff Writer The community was rocked this weekend with news that Clarkston Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Rod Rock tendered his resignation over an “inappropriate relationship” with a 19-year-old former student. News of the resignation has social media a buzz, has drawn the attention of Detroit broadcast media and has been […]

Big 2018 plans in township

BY BRENDA DOMINICK Clarkston News Staff Writer There is much to look forward to in 2018 in Independence Township, said township Supervisor Pat Kittle.  “Here in the township, I am continuously amazed at the amount of support people are willing to give to an important project,” Kittle said. The Miracle League of Clarkston, a non-profit […]

Reprieve from bitter cold forecast this week

BY BRENDA DOMINICK Clarkston News Staff Writer With temperatures dipping to -11 with 14 mph winds, shoppers and diners still made their way downtown. Jodi Crandall of Clarkston ate outside with her family at Honcho Latin Street Food and Coffee Restaurant on Main Street, thanks to the igloo-shaped waming tents in use there. When asked […]

Brenda’s Beat

A column by Brenda Dominick 2018 – bring it on! So I’ve decided to take a positive approach to reflect on all things 2017 and look forward to 2018…just because…why not? Every week or so, I show a couple of motivational videos to my kids in hopes they will get inspired, or at least get […]

Girls make holidays bright at kids hospital

Andersonville Elementary students Layla Jordan, 10, and her friend Payton Robinson, 10, started planning their journey of giving in September, much earlier than most people start their Christmas shopping. These adorable girls with hearts of gold  “warmed up” fellow students and staff to fulfill one special mission–the “Wishing Warm Holidays” Project. They wanted to give […]

Secrets shared by old St. Nick

Santa Claus visited smiling, happy faces at Andersonville Elementary in Davisburg. With a robust “Ho, ho, ho,” Santa made his way through three classrooms. The first classroom Santa visited was Wendy Roehl’s second grade class. “Let’s talk about ‘believe’ a little bit. What does ‘believe’ mean,” asked Santa, also known as Clarkston Mayor Steven Percival. […]

Team RUSH ready for seasons of holidays, robots

BY BRENDA DOMINICK Clarkston News Staff Writer Robotics season starts soon and Clarkston High School’s Team RUSH is ready to bring the same competitive spirit that won them the Chairman’s Award on the international level last year, but they also have compassion towards other teams. “That’s probably the biggest award that we are most proud of,” said team captain Valentina […]

Ruling the mountain

The Clarkston High School Ski teams head into their last week of races in the league before they head into the divisional races next week. The Boys Varsity team beat Lake Orion in the Slalom race on Jan. 26, 12-24. Max Weidemann finished in first, 45.32; Reis Weidemann, second, 46.29; Jack Muhleck, fourth, 53.50; and […]

First place finishes on the slopes

In the second week of the season, Clarkston High School Varsity Ski Team results include: Slalom – Clarkston vs Notre Dame, Jan. 12, Clarkston Boys, total points, 12.0; rank, first; Max Weidemann, 22.26, 1 point, used; Reis Weidemann, 22.53, 2 points, used; Jacob McIntosh, 23.04, 3 points, used; Jack Muhleck, 25.41, 6 points, used; Justin […]