Detroit Zoo closure gets the kids in gear

Once in a while as a parent — okay, as a dad — your kids do something that really makes you puff out your chest and brim with sin — I mean pride. (Pride is still a sin, isn’t it, even if you are of Irish lineage?) * * * A couple of Sundays ago […]

Gov. Jen missed the boat, and the point

It’s been a little over a week since I shook my head in absolute whizzed-offedness (don’t bother looking that bit of editorial licensing up, you won’t find it). What can I say? I was miffed. Angry I was at our long-legged governor, Jennifer M. Granholm. I know I should not be angry with her, having […]

Militants giving Muhammad a bad name

When I lie me down to sleep, I don’t pray the Lord my soul to keep. I usually offer up platitudes. ‘Oops, sorry ’bout that last indiscretion Big Guy.? And, ‘Thanks for a wonderful life.? Without fail, I put in plugs for my wife and kids — you know, the usual — health and happiness […]

Of current events and not much more

* Enjoying the Super Bowl with family at their house: $2.39 for the gallon of gas it takes to get there and back. * Thirst quenching six pack: $7.89 plus tax, plus deposit. * Watching your five-year-old son during halftime bounce around the living room, arms waiving, chest puffed out and imitating the Rolling Stones? […]

La Marche de l’empereur

As the most unfeeling, unsympathetic, non-caring, common, uncouth — dare I say, tre? drole — parent of under double-digit aged kids in town, I have yet to sit down for an entire viewing of that cinematic masterpiece, La Marche de l’empereur. For my fellow common and uncouth parents, let me translate: I, the great mocker […]

Oops, I forgot my pants

Guys. Just like roses, guys by any other name, are still just guys. Black, white, pink or yellow; short, tall, fat or skinny, at any point in the history of mankind — excuse me, in the history of guykind — we guys are the same. I came to this conclusion, this certainty of life, after […]

You say potato and I say spud

I like to read as much as the next guy. I also like history. So when I get to read a history book like I am currently enjoying, it’s nice to notice similarities between two differing time periods. A reporter-like-type, as I live and experience life, I am supposed to also observe, find comparisons and […]


When I first heard it, I was confused. Of course I had been sleeping so that explained it. It’s kinda freaky to be wakened in the wee hours of the morning — somewhere between the beginning of Rapid Eye Movement and dawn — by strange sounds emanating from the hallway. I guess if I have […]

Some things really test this dad

Well, the holidays are over. Life is getting back to normal, but before it does let me harken back a couple of days. Yes, I remember the moment well. ‘Dad, want to do a puzzle with me?? five year old Sean politely asked. ‘Sure,? I said to the pint-sized me. Sean likes puzzles and for […]

As we enter a new year a look to the past

My wife Jennie is always vigilant for possible column fodder for her very own husband. What follows she sent to me. If it is all true it would be very interesting reading. If it isn’t true, it is still interesting. So, as we say ciao to the year 2005, let’s take a look at the […]