Christmas Commutation?

‘I guess I won’t be home for Christmas.? * * * One reason I have long-lived in the area is because of Christmas. I want to be around family and friends during this most special of times. I am sentimental and mushy — just like those songs (not hymns) you hear on the all-Christmas-all-the-time radio […]

The reason for the season

‘Jesus is the reason for the season.? ‘Wise Men Still Seek Him.? It’s the annual self-righteous cluck about the media commercialization of Christmas. No one is safe from the Christmas Police this year, not even me (see last week’s edition of my husband’s award-winning column Don’t Rush Me. My name is Jennie and I married […]

It’s Christ mas damn-it

Ever the bellweather writer, the fair-weather fan, and as a follower versus leading the pack, I am jumping on the bandwagon to ride on somebody else’s coattails. (There, I think that nicely sums up my general input on important issues.) That said, wow, what is happening here in the land of the free and the […]

‘Oxford worker’ George Hesketh dies

When George Hesketh was given a retirement party by Detroit Edison in 1984, then Oxford Leader editor James A. Sherman, Sr., published the following headline: George Hesketh; Edison and Oxford worker Mr. Hesketh, a resident of Oxford since 1966, passed away at Crittenton Hospital on December 2, 2005. He had been in the hospital for […]

‘Tis the season to help those you don’t even know

‘Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Don’t hit the folks standing in the roads selling newspapers!? * * * I know it’s that holiday time of year because over the past six weeks I have put together area Goodfellow newspapers (boy, have I been putting together Goodfellow newspapers — but, I know, you don’t want […]

What kind of creature is Sean?

Does anybody remember comedian Bill Murray’s lounge lizard routine from those exciting days of yesteryear, when ‘Saturday Night Live? was relatively new? I only ask this, because son Sean Rush, is following in Bill’s footsteps, if only because he walks around the house singing (over and over), ‘Star Wars, nothing but Star Wars . . […]

Fondly remembering Beatrice Solley

Feisty. Hard working. Those are a couple of words folks use to describe lifelong Ortonville-area resident and businesswoman, Beatrice Solley. But, the best words to describe Mrs. Solley are loving mother. ‘Her family was the most important thing to her,? son Alan Solley said. Mrs. Solley passed away on November 10, 2005 at the age […]

I believe in Santa

Gosh, I want that feeling again. I want to live with the certainty — the complete conviction of a five year old. I want to have that unshakable belief in all things good. That if you do things good, only good things happen to you. I wish I didn’t have to grow up and learn […]

Fa-la-la-la-la and peace be with you

It is official. The holiday season is upon us. All aboard, Holiday Train 2005 is chugging? down the line! Get on or get out of the way, cuz it won’t stop until the last drunk falls into a tipsy slumber on January 1, 2006 — at the time of writing, a cozy 56 days away. […]

I’m still seeing green spots

While Don basks in the glory as “Best Local Columnist,” here’s a best of (?) Don’t Rush Me from the archives. If you, like we, think Rush’s head is getting toooooo big, please write us! * * * As I write, I can see green spots. Let me stop you right there . . . […]