Cards and well wishes for John

Since the mid-1990s travelers along Oxford’s highways and byways have seen him walking with his hat, sometimes smoking a small, thin cigar. He’s been affectionately called ‘The Walking Dude? and ‘The Mayor.? John Albert Layman, 53, a resident of the group home on W. Burdick Street, is currently recovering from being run over by a […]

America, where art’thou now?

This weekend, as we celebrate the birth of our nation — this republic — this representative style of government — we should all feel blessed. Blessed for what we once had and may someday have again. Slowly, but as sure as Republicans and Democrats meet after-hours to joke, drink and slap each others? backs for […]

I hear a resounding silence

In the last few weeks I received a total of two comments from two different individuals concerning the following (first published in the middle of May). ‘And finally from a local seasoned citizen ? ‘On paying taxes for non-primary households, well, it’s my view that NO one over 65 should pay school taxes. We are […]

Public blogging of Rush starts now

Sometimes (I guess) you should be careful of what you wish for’right? On our website this week, I lobbied for and got a new thingamabob gizmo added. (How’s that for computerese lingo?) When you go to our website (, on the left hand side of your computer screen, under the heading ‘Columns? you will see […]

‘Peeking in the Past? raises concern

‘I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden. Along with the sunshine, there’s gotta? be a little rain, sometime. . .? — a song some country and western chick sang in the early 1970s I don’t know why that song popped into my head when I sat down at the trusty keyboard […]

Death by hamster

I can’t help it. I know it’s not funny. I know it’s not a joke. But ‘death by hamster? just sounds funny to me. I am bad. I’m going to Hades. I can’t help it. I can’t stop thinking about those three folks who died because they received donated organs infected with some sort of […]

Memorial Day and red poppies

‘Poppies! Poppies! Poppies!? — Something the Wicked Witch of the West may have uttered in the 1939 movie classic, ‘The Wizard of Oz? I know Memorial Day is at hand. And it’s not cuz I’m a veteran, genius or anything so noble or extravagant. Nope, not me. Atlas Township resident Jill Stodula wanted me to […]

Opinions vary on school taxation

A few years back, one of my favorite teachers at Clarkston High School (Larry Mahrle) verified something for me — I don’t communicate clearly. As I sat to write this column, I remember that hot day in August when the phone in my office rang to life. What followed was an ultra-top secret conversation I […]

Garden ickies, gardening for good

As my perfect, Romanesque and pointy nose indicates, the weather is getting better. What that first sentence means is: Because my beak is glowing red like Rudolf’s after baking in the sun all weekend, it is safe to assume we have turned the corner from Old Man Winter Boulevard onto Spring Street. (It is also […]

The Mummy scares our dad away

I guess there is some good news and some bad news coming from the home front. The good news: Sean, five-years-old since St. Patrick’s Day, has ‘written? his first book. The bad news: Sean, five-years-old since St. Patrick’s Day, has ‘written? his first book. Hey, that sounds familiar. Let me say up front, I’m very […]