‘Dear Don . . . Good GRIEF!?

In this modern age of high-tech electronic gizmos, I actually get feedback on my wonderful, literate and always grammatically correct columns. Before e-mail got big, I wrote in a vacuum — only to receive comments if somebody was REALLY mad. And, they must have been upset, because they would have to take the time to […]

Detroit Zoo closure gets the kids in gear

Once in a while as a parent — okay, as a dad — your kids do something that really makes you puff out your chest and brim with sin — I mean pride. (Pride is still a sin, isn’t it, even if you are of Irish lineage?) * * * A couple of Sundays ago […]

Gov. Jen missed the boat, and the point

It’s been a little over a week since I shook my head in absolute whizzed-offedness (don’t bother looking that bit of editorial licensing up, you won’t find it). What can I say? I was miffed. Angry I was at our long-legged governor, Jennifer M. Granholm. I know I should not be angry with her, having […]

Militants giving Muhammad a bad name

When I lie me down to sleep, I don’t pray the Lord my soul to keep. I usually offer up platitudes. ‘Oops, sorry ’bout that last indiscretion Big Guy.? And, ‘Thanks for a wonderful life.? Without fail, I put in plugs for my wife and kids — you know, the usual — health and happiness […]

Of current events and not much more

* Enjoying the Super Bowl with family at their house: $2.39 for the gallon of gas it takes to get there and back. * Thirst quenching six pack: $7.89 plus tax, plus deposit. * Watching your five-year-old son during halftime bounce around the living room, arms waiving, chest puffed out and imitating the Rolling Stones? […]

La Marche de l’empereur

As the most unfeeling, unsympathetic, non-caring, common, uncouth — dare I say, tre? drole — parent of under double-digit aged kids in town, I have yet to sit down for an entire viewing of that cinematic masterpiece, La Marche de l’empereur. For my fellow common and uncouth parents, let me translate: I, the great mocker […]

Oops, I forgot my pants

Guys. Just like roses, guys by any other name, are still just guys. Black, white, pink or yellow; short, tall, fat or skinny, at any point in the history of mankind — excuse me, in the history of guykind — we guys are the same. I came to this conclusion, this certainty of life, after […]

You say potato and I say spud

I like to read as much as the next guy. I also like history. So when I get to read a history book like I am currently enjoying, it’s nice to notice similarities between two differing time periods. A reporter-like-type, as I live and experience life, I am supposed to also observe, find comparisons and […]


When I first heard it, I was confused. Of course I had been sleeping so that explained it. It’s kinda freaky to be wakened in the wee hours of the morning — somewhere between the beginning of Rapid Eye Movement and dawn — by strange sounds emanating from the hallway. I guess if I have […]

Some things really test this dad

Well, the holidays are over. Life is getting back to normal, but before it does let me harken back a couple of days. Yes, I remember the moment well. ‘Dad, want to do a puzzle with me?? five year old Sean politely asked. ‘Sure,? I said to the pint-sized me. Sean likes puzzles and for […]

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